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What is the Influence of Psychological Capital on Creative Performance Behaviour

Examining the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Creative Performance Behavior

one of MBA project ,Psychological capital (PsyCap) is known to increase job success, but more study is needed to find out how Influence of Psychological Capital on Creative it affects creative problem solving. We predict and study how supervisor support for creativity (SSC) and job traits cause PsyCap support for creative Performance, which is linked to employee creativity. These results add to what was learned in earlier  good relationship with mastery orientation .

According to future tests, Influence of Psychological Capital on Creative  encourages creative thought most when the SSC and job standards are high. These results will change theory, study, and clinical practice. Businesses live in today’s tough business environment by coming up with good relationship with mastery orientation new ideas. Corporations and academics are interested in support for creative Performance  in the workplace. Broaden-and-build theory and goal orientation theory say that fluid psychological capital helps workers be creative. These ideas had a big impact on psychology.

This study adds to the growing amount of knowledge about creative work behavior by putting together different viewpoints into a single model. The positive link between psychological capital and creative job behavior is partly mediated by mastery drive.

A group of 204 workers from a wide range of businesses gave their time so that their normal habits could be studied. Data analysis and testing of hypotheses were done with PLS-SEM.

Keywords: psychological capital, performance, innovative, behaviour


Converging business areas make it harder to predict competition risks. Because of how technology is changing, the competition could be next door and from a different business. To rule the market, you have to come up with new ideas. Workers minimize shocks by sharing information, coming up with good relationship with mastery orientation new ideas, and talking about them. Innovative companies push their workers to find new ways to solve customer problems.

The company thinks that workers are the most important source of workplace innovation. Continuous creativity depends on getting into everyone’s tacit knowledge. Their constant creativity leads to long-term progress. Companies are putting more value on innovative work behavior (IWB). IWB parts for workers in the hospitality industry are being studied.

According to study, interactive whiteboards improve goal setting, task feedback, leadership, job happiness, perceived creativity, high-performance human resource practices, work environment, CSE, psychological capital, and positivity. Mastery-oriented people want to get better.

We suggest that psychological capital (PSyCap) has a good relationship with mastery orientation (MO) or mastery goals. The study’s main idea is that workers’ MOs may be a link between PsyCap’s effects on IWB and PsyCap itself. This study shows that CSE improves IWB. The study shows a border support for creativity condition that PsyCap’s secondary effect on IWB through MO will only happen when CSE is high.


  • To investigate if there is a positive correlation between PsyCap and IWB.
  • To determine whether PsyCap has a direct influence on IWB or whether it is partly mediated by MO.
  • To determine whether there is a positive association between PsyCap and MO.

Literature Review

One way to describe business innovation is “coming up with new ideas for changing products, services, and processes so that we can better meet the organization’s goals.”

After that, a unique act is how one shows off their creativity. In the last 40 years, hundreds of magazines have looked into artistic pursuits. Creative thought has been shown to be a source of growth in companies.

good organizational behavior (POB) is the study and use of good human resource qualities and psychological skills ,support for creativity that can be studied, developed, and controlled to improve performance.

Emotions and personalities have been studied a lot in creative study. Hope gets people to work, opens doors to new ways of handling problems, and improves artistic performance. Optimism is a way of thinking that explains how good things happen by attributing them to personal and lasting traits and bad things to external and temporary factors. Optimism explains.


Companies have to deal with competition and globalization to be successful in the modern world. They’ll need creative ideas to stay in business and keep up with the competition. To get a competitive edge, many businesses must work together and have enough money, high-quality products, and skilled workers. This study model said that PsyCap would affect IWB both directly and indirectly. The research backs up the idea.

According to the study, PsyCap will affect IWB indirectly through MO. IWB is affected indirectly by PsyCap only while CSE levels are high. A company can get a competitive edge by making new goods and services that are different from those of its competitors and help other companies gain market share.

Employee creativity and innovation are very important to businesses. Workers who are creative save money, make their work more efficient, and use less labor.

According to the study, psychological capital improves workers’ work output and mood. So, the study looked at whether psychological capital, such as hope, self-efficacy, positivity, and resilience, affects workers’ overall support for creative Performance  through happiness and the desire to be creative. It found some surprising findings. According to the report, companies should focus on building the good psychological capital of their support for creativity workers to get the most out of new products and services.

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