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  1. Various Factors that Affecting the Consumer Purchase Decision in Retail Product
  2. Study on the Role of Applied Retail Research in an Organization
  3. Study on Analyzing Promotional Tactics in Retail Sector
  4. Study on Advertising and Sales Promotional Activities
  5. Scope of Retailing in India
  6. Retail Merchandising & Shop Display – Significance in Indian Retail Scenario
  7. Online Retailing – Challenges and Opportunities
  8. Competitive Advantage in the Retail Industry
  9. Best HR Practices in an Organized Retail Sector
  10. A Study on Effective Supply Chain Practices In Organised Retail Sector
  11. A Study on Pricing Strategies Followed by Successful Retailers
  12. A Study on Ethical Issues in Organised Retail Sector
  13. A Study on Effective Retail Project Management
  14. Issues in Mall Management – an Overview
  15. A Study on Customer Relationship Management Practices in Retail Store
  16. Impact of Retail IT Application on Effective Store Operations
  17. Study on Private Labels VS National Brands
  18. Retail Outlet Mapping of Retail Stores & Shopping Mall
  19. Measuring the Effectiveness of Display System in Retail Industry
  20. An Analysis of Possible Strategies for Successful Internet Based Customer Services in Retail
  21. A Study on Strategies for Promoting Retailers Brand
  22. A Study on Changing Consumer Preferences Towards Organised Retailing From Unorganised Retailing
  23. A Study on Loyalty Programs in Organised Retail Sector
  24. A Study on Retail Consumer Behaviour – Personal, Social & Cultural
  25. Role of FDI in Indian Retail Sector
  26. Emerging Retail Formats and Strategies
  27. Prospects of Retailing – An Overview
  28. Study of Retail Store Operations
  29. Effectiveness of Promotional Schemes in Retail Stores
  30. A Study on Indian Organised Retail Sector
  31. Impact of Retail Store Design & Layout on Customer Mind
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