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  1. Investment Analysis of Company
  2. A Critical Analysis of Promotional Tools of Tractors
  3. A Comparative Study of Share Price Movement Between Automobile and Information Technology Industry
  4. MBA Finance – A Study on Effectiveness of Material Management
  5. A Study on Business Valuation and Analysis Using Financial Statement
  6. A Study on Inventory Management in Agro Engine Pvt Ltd
  7. A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Oriental Hotels Ltd
  8. A Study on Analysis of Receivable Management System in Tube Products of India
  9. A Study on Impact of Fundamentals Upon Stock Price Movement in IT Sector
  10. A Study on Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds and Its Awareness Among Investors
  11. A Study on Investment Portfolio of Bank
  12. A Study on Working Capital Management in Air Castle System and Services
  13. A Study on Working Capital Management in Chemical Industry
  14. A Study on Performance Evaluation of Growth Funds
  15. Need of Financial Advisors for Mutual Fund Investors
  16. Analysis and Interpretation of Mutual Funds
  17. Portfolio Management and Investment Decision
  18. MBA Finance – Banking Structure in India
  19. MBA Finance – Equity Analysis Banks
  20. Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Chosen Securities
  21. Foreign Exchange & Risk Management in Steel Plant
  22. Statement Analysis & Business Valuation
  23. Financial Analysis of Automobile Industry
  24. MBA Finance – A Study on Mutual Fund Analysis
  25. MBA Finance – A Study on Portfolio Management
  26. Comparison Between Direct Investment in Equity and Investment Through Mutual Funds
  27. Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Selected Securities of Indian Stock Market
  28. A Study on Financial Statement Analysis in Bank
  29. A Study on Performance of Mid Capital Stock on Steel
  30. A Comparative Study Between Tata Mutual Fund and Reliance Mutual Fund
  31. The Analysis of Risk Involved in Portfolio Management of Icici Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd
  32. Analyze the Existing System of Capital Budgeting Process
  33. A Study on Growth and Influence of Depository in Capital Market
  34. A Study on Costing Systems with Reference to Allocation and Apportionment of Variable Overheads
  35. Transformation of a Financial Function Through ERP
  36. Analyze the Financial Performance of the Company Through the Relevant Financial Analysis
  37. A Study on Investing Parameters of Mutual Fund
  38. A Comparative Study on One Time Investment and Systematic Investment Plans in Mutual Fund
  39. Analysis of Various Sectors in Construction of Model Portfolio for Kotak Funda Fund
  40. A Study Based on the Performance of Equity Linked Saving Schemes And Various Schemes on the Basis Of returns in Mutual Funds
  41. A Study on Analysis of Material Management in Motors Manufacturing Sector
  42. MBA Finance – A Study on Capital Budgeting
  43. A Study on Inventory Management with Special Reference to Tools STOCK
  44. A Study on Corporate Governance Among Call Centers
  45. Study on Cost Control System in Cement Corporation
  46. A Study on Performance of Equity Funds and Debt Funds in Bank
  47. A Study on Payback Method in Capital Budgeting Decision
  48. A Study on Valuation of Family Businesses
  49. A Study on Instability in Indian Stock Market
  50. A Study on Working Capital Management
  51. Study on the Imperative Information for Automation of Inventory Management System
  52. MBA Finance – A Study on Financial Sickness
  53. A Study on Evaluation of Budgetary Control System
  54. MBA Finance – A Study on Financial Performance
  55. A Comparative Study on the Performance of Mutual Funds with Banks
  56. A Comparative Study of Mutual Fund Returns & Bank Deposits
  57. Changing Technology & Customer Needs in the Banking Industry
  58. A Study on the Brand Equity in the India AutoMobile Industry with Respect to the Car Market
  59. A Study on the Analysis of Price Movement of Shares & Company Performance with Respect to Information Technology & Automobile Industries
  60. A Study on Commodity Futures as an Investment Avenue
  61. Investment Perception & Selection Behavior Towards Mutual Funds
  62. An Economic & Financial Analysis of Commercial Banks Evolving a Competitive Strategy
  63. A Study on Performance Evaluation of Bank
  64. Comparison of Current Shares of Public and Private Sector Banks
  65. An Analysis About a Financial Statement of an Organization
  66. Performance Analysis of Mutual Fund
  67. Comparative Study of Mutual Fund Returns and Insurance Returns
  68. An Individual Perception and Consumer Behaviour on Mutual Funds
  69. A Study on Working Capital Management
  70. Financial Planning for Salaried Employee and Strategies for Tax Savings
  71. Testing MBA
  72. Cost and Costing Models in Company
  73. Investment Awareness in Financial Asset and Preference of Financial Intermediaries in Equities Trading
  74. A Study on Perception of Investors Investing in Life Insurance
  75. Impact of Earnings Per Share, Dividend Per Share and Price Earning Ratio
  76. Comparative Analysis on the Performance of Sectorial Mutual Funds
  77. A Study to Assess the Perception of Mutual Fund Investors
  78. Indian Infrastructure Sector Growth in Terms of Equity Research Report
  79. Cash Management of ABC Company
  80. A Comparative Analysis of Performance of Mutual Funds Between Private and Public Sectors
  81. A Study on Financing Self – Help Groups NBFC
  82. A Study on Whether Taxation is a Selling Tool for Life Insurance
  83. A Survey on the Preference of Salaried Class on Various Investment Options Available
  84. A Study on Investment Pattern and Preference of Retail Investors
  85. Investment Options and Investors Attitude towards Investment in Private Insurance Companies
  86. A study on investment pattern with special reference to small and medium capitalization companies
  87. An Analysis of Various Investment Avenues with Special Reference to Mutual Funds
  88. Risk Perception and Portfolio Management of Equity Investors
  89. A Study on Investor Awareness Towards Commodity Market
  90. Analysis of Working Capital Management
  91. A Study on Ratio Analysis with Reference
  92. The Gold Monetizaion Scheme – Its Impact on the Indian Banking System and the Indian Economy
  93. SWIFT – How it Works: Gains and Risks
  94. FMC merges with SEBI – First ever merger of two regulators in India
  95. Inventory Management & Budgetary Control System
  96. Investment in Tax Savings Products – An Overview
  97. Systematic Investment Plan as a Stability Builder for Retail Investor
  98. Income Tax Planning in India
  99. Multi Level Marketing in the Indian Scenario
  100. Electronic Payment : Current Scenario and Scope for Improvement
  101. Senior Citizen Investment Portfolio – A Case Study
  102. Retail Banking transformation story in post-liberalized India
  103. Investment awareness in financial asset and preference of financial intermediaries in equities trading
  104. MBA Project Report Analysis of Debit-Credit Cards of Bank 
  105. Study on Rural Banking in India – MBA Finance
  106. Study Analyzing Migration of People Due to Financial Constraints
  107. The Impact Of The Money Supply On Economic Growth in India
  108. Study on Gold as an Investable Commodity – MBA Finance
  109. Study on Different Option Strategy
  110. Empirical Study on Performance of Mutual Fund in India
  111. Income Tax Planning with respect to Individual Assessee
  112. Study on Futures and Options Markets in India – MBA Finance
  113. Perception and Attitude on Digital Payment among Urban Customers
  114. MBA Finance Project on Financial Planning for Individual Investor
  115. A Study of Housing Finance Sector – MBA Finance
  116. A Study of Mortgage Loans in India – MBA Finance
  117. MBA Finance Project on Investment Pattern of Salaried People
  118. Finance Project on Investment Avenues Analysis
  119. Study of Merger and Acquisition – MBA Finance Project
  120. Corporate Governance in Indian Banking – MBA Finance
  121. A Comparative Analysis of Pension Plans in India – MBA Finance
  122. Credit Card Account and Bank Routing Number Validation Technology
  123. MBA Project on Crisis Management – MBA Finance
  124. Study of Derivative Trading in Indian Capital Market
  125. Finance Project on Effect of Inflation on Indian Companies
  126. A Study of Reverse Mortgage Scheme in India – MBA Finance
  127. Study Equity Analysis with Respect to Banking Sector
  128. Study of Merchant Banking in India – MBA Finance Project
  129. MBA Finance Project on Foreign Exchange Documentation
  130. Study of Investment Analysis of Investors – MBA Finance
  131. Future Trends & Prospects of E-Banking in India – MBA Finance
  132. Finance Project on Gold as an Investible Commodity
  133. A Project on Micro Finance in India – MBA Finance
  134. A Study on Gross Domestic Product Facts, Figures & Policies
  135. The Study of the Post Sales Experience of Home Loan Customers
  136. Project on Housing Finance in India A Comparative Study
  137. Finance Project on Impact of Online Trading on Stock Market
  138. Impact of Company’s Fundamentals on its Share Price
  139. Analysis of Cost Reduction Techniques in Automobile
  140. Impact of Foreign Institutional Investments on Indian Mutual Funds
  141. Study on Impact of Plastic Money on Broad Money in India
  142. India Bulls & the Indian Stock Market – MBA Finance
  143. Indian Economic Growth & Changes – MBA Finance
  144. Finance Project on International Financial Management
  145. A Study on Commodities and Online Trading in Commodities
  146. Micro Credit Products & its Linkage with Rural Poverty Removal
  147. MBA Project on Mergers and Acquisitions – MBA Finance
  148. Finance Project on Micro Finance – MBA Reports Guru
  149. MBA Finance Project on Middle Class Banking Habits in India
  150. Modern Trade an Evolutionary Channel Purchase Patterns and Execution
  151. Finance Project on Monetary Policy of India
  152. Mutual Funds an Empirical Study on Mutual Funds Industry in India
  153. Need and Relevance of Mergers and Acquisitions in IT Industry
  154. A Finance Project on Post Dated Cheques and Electronic Clearing System
  155. Private Equity in Education Sector
  156. MBA Finance Project on Real Estate Finance
  157. Emerging Trends for Managing the Risk in Foreign Exchange
  158. Risk Management in Indian Banking System
  159. MBA Project on Robust Growth in the Usage of Plastic Money
  160. Role of Mutual Fund In The Changing Scenario in India
  161. Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development
  162. Online Trading in Stock Market – MBA Finance
  163. Project on Stock Exchange – MBA Finance
  164. Stock Market Volatility After The Introduction Of Derivatives
  165. MBA Project on Stock Selection through Technical Analysis
  166. Study Analysing Migration of People Due to Financial Constraints
  167. Analysis of Claims Management Process & Channel Financing of Company
  168. Tax Incentives with Respect to Small Scale Industrial Undertakings in India
  169. The Impact of Securitization in Indian Banks
  170. Finance Project on Venture Capital Financing
  171. Wealth Management in India with A Prior Focus on Real Estate & Mutual Fund
  172. MBA Project on Wealth Management System
  173. A Comparative Study on Working Capital Management in Steel Authority
  174. Working Process and Techniques of Banks
  175. Study on Factors Influencing Investment Decisions in Banking Sector
  176. Study on Credit Appraisal Method in Bank
  177. Study on Corporate Credit Monitoring Practices in Bank
  178. Project Report on Customer Satisfaction Regarding Internet Banking
  179. Project Report Customer Perception Regarding the Demat Account Services
  180. Project on Financial Analysis of Grasim Industries
  181. Project Finance on Assets and Liability Management of Different Banks
  182. Export Control an Overview
  183. Impact of Internet Banking System and Technology on Indian Banks
  184. Finance Project Report on Anomaly Impact of Indian Stock Market of Footwear Industry
  185. Finance Project on Venture Capital Financing in India
  186. Finance Project on Market Research of Investor Attitude toward Primary Market
  187. Finance Project on Liquidity and Profitability of Oil and Gas industry
  188. Customer Satisfaction Regarding Loan Schemes of Banking Industry, Scheme and Analysis of Loan Schemes
  189. Finance Project on convergence of Banking Sector to Housing Finance
  190. Finance Project on Banking Services of Standard Chartered Bank
  191. Finance Project Changing Face of Current Account Bank
  192. Final Project Report on Profitability Analysis
  193. Comparative Analysis of Banks in terms of Service Quality
  194. A Study to Evaluate the Banking Service Provided to Rural Customer by Banks
  195. A Study of Loans and Advances Offered in Bank
  196. Study of Share Price Between Automobile and Information Technology
  197. A Study on Investment Portfolio of Bank – MBA Finance
  198. MBA Finance – Project Report on Banking Structure in India





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