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  1. Supply Chain Management & Operation – MBA Reports Guru
  2. Companies Feasibility Report in Manufacturing of Air Conditioners
  3. Impact of Private Container Trains Operation & ware Housing on India’s Logistics Industries
  4. Total Quality Management – manufacturing Sector (MBA Operation)
  5. The Success Of Supply Chain Management In FMCG Sector In India
  6. Supply Chain in Building a Competitive Advantage In Organized Retail Shoppers Stop
  7. Study & Training in Production Department Steel Industry
  8. study-on-impact-of-implementation-on-it-based-services-mba-operation/
  9. Six Sigma – An Implementation for Saving In Power Consumption at Healthcare Sector (MBA Operation Project)
  10. Olympic Torch Relay Operation Management & Advertising
  11. International Operations -Indian pharmaceutical companies(MBA Operation Report)
  12. Quantitative Techniques (QT) on Inventory Management
  13. Quality Practices & Procedures followed by Indian Companies
  14. Promoting Reproductive Rights for Women’s Empowerment(MBA Operation Project)
  15. Study of Production Management in Company
  16. Study on Material Management in Company (MBA Operation Project)
  17. Operations of Ward Management in Healthcare Sector
  18. operational Risk Management in Logistic Sector
  19. Operational Aspects Of Dietary Services in Healthcare Sector
  20. Operation Management Locations for IT Industries in India Production
  21. Operation Management Production & Operation Management (MBA Operation Projects)
  22. Analytical Study of Material Warehousing Norms – MBA Report
  23. Inventory Classification Techniques for Effective Store Management(MBA Operation Projects)
  24. Material Management– FMCG Sector Project Management
  25. Manufacturing and Quality enhancement practices-Indian Electronic Era
  26. Logistics business proposition for the Logistics Park
  27. Inventory Management Genpact (MBA Operation)
  28. A Study on Warehousing
  29. Study of Operation Management in Company (MBA Operation)
  30. Global Trends in Operation Management
  31. Study of Quality Management System (MBA Operation Projects)
  32. ESCM in the FMCG Sector the Present & the Future
  33. ERP Evolution Of Technology Factors behind the Successful Implementation of ERP Systems
  34. MBA Operation Project on ECRM Strategies of Indian Companies
  35. Critical Success Factors of Six Sigma Implementation in an Organisation
  36. Study on Project Scheduling (MBA Operation)
  37. Operation Management in Textile Industry
  38. Concepts of Operations Management & Measures of Productivity in DaburPharma Operations Management (MBA Operation Projects)
  39. Competitive Advantage through Lean Supply Chain Management
  40. Study Of Operations at Retail Industry (MBA Operation Projects)
  41. Study of Logistic Management in indian Companies(MBA Operation)
  42. A Critical Review On Supply Chain Practices
  43. Application of Six Sigma in Training and Development (MBA Operation)
  44. Study On Productivity And Efficiency Management – Online education System
  45. A Study on TQM in Organization (MBA Operation Project)
  46. Study Of Supply Chain Management at a Company (MBA Operation)
  47. Rail transportation vs. Road transportation- a comparison on feasibility
  48. Impact of Just in Time (JIT) on supply chain efficiency of large scale retail outlets
  49. Criteria for Qualifying and Short listing Suppliers (MBA Operation Project)
  50. Study of Sourcing and Procurement of Laptops in American Express
  51. Achieving Operational Efficiency in the Process of Technique (MBA Operation Project)
  52. Green Growth Strategies for Oil And Natural Gas Sector in India
  53. Study on Effects of IT on Inventory Management in Healthcare Organizations
  54. Study of Lean Manufacturing-Concept, Application, Limitations
  55. Study of Distribution & Logistic Management in Consumer Healthcare
  56. Comparative Analysis of Tools and Processes as used in Six Sigma(MBA Operation Projects)
  57. Impact of E-Commerce on Supply Chain Management of Retail Malls in Nagpur
  58. Impact of Online Electronic Seller on Local Organized Electronic Retailers
  59. Impact of e-supply chain on supply chain optimization of Retail Malls in Nagpur Region
  60. A study on Supply chain management of Big Bazaar (MBA Operation Project)
  61. Impact of e-procurement on Supply Chain Management of retail shops in Nagpur
  62. A Study On Revenue And Utilization
  63. A study on Inventory control, procurement, distribution and their interrelationships in India
  64. A Study on Material Handling and Inventory Management
  65. MBA Operations Project on Issues in distribution of perishable products
  66. Study of Distribution Channel of Print Media(MBA Operation Projects)
  67. MBA Operation Project on Raw Material Assistance Scheme to Small Scale Industry
  68. How To Smoothing the Process of Production, Through Planning and Better Supervision (MBA Operation Project)
  69. MBA Operation Projects on Evolution of Technology Factors Behind the Successful Implementation Of ERP Systems
  70. MBA Operation Project on Distribution and Logistics
  71. Study on Agile Project Management with Reference to IT Company
  72. Effects of Information Technology on Inventory Management in Healthcare Organizations in India (MBA Operation)
  73. Study on Integrated Logistics and Value Chain Management(MBA Operation Project)
  74. The Impact of E-Commerce on Supply Chain Management in Delhi Region
  75. Study on Implementation of Total Productivity Maintenance in India
  76. MBA Operation Project on Performance Measurement in a Warehouse
  77. Study of six Sigma Implementation in Organization (MBA Operations)
  78. MBA Operations Project on Production Planning
  79. Study of Material Management (MBA Operation Projects)
  80. A Study On Total Quality Management In Company
  81. A Study On Warehousing (MBA Operation)
  82. Analysis of Total Quality Management Implementation in an Organization
  83. Ethical Issues In Operations Management (MBA Operation)
  84. Study of Inventory Management
  85. A Study on Container Corporation of India
  86. Supply Chain Management & Operation in Retail Sector
  87. Designing & Analysing Materials Database & Giving Recommendations for Optimal Utilization of Resources
  88. Critical Chain Project Management approach to Multiple Projects
  89. Importance of Supply Chain Management in Cement Industry
  90. Merchandising of Brand Line Exchange
  91. Infrastructure & Logistics Issues in BPO Sector
  92. Operational Research for Cabs Operation in BPO
  93. A Study on Store Management System – MBA Operation
  94. The Effect of Inventory on Supply Chain Management
  95. Production Planning & Control Activities in Auto Industry
  96. Study on Impact of Implementation on IT Based Services (MBA Operation)
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