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To Find the Level of Deployment of IT in Automobile and Textile Industry in India

To Find the Level of Deployment of IT in Automobile and Textile Industry in India


Technical textiles for automobiles are an essential component. It’s more of a textile use in the field of technology and mechanics than in the realm of clothing. Transportation vehicles and systems rely heavily on industrial textiles. This includes everything from automobiles and trains to buses and aircraft, as well as boats and ships. The typical car’s interior uses around 50 square yards of textiles for trim (seating areas headliners, side panels, carpets and trunk, lining, tires, filters, belts hoses, airbags etc.). Download project on level of deployment of it in automobile industry.

Non-apparel textiles known as “automotive fabrics” find widespread use in automobiles, trains, buses, planes, and boats. As a result, the phrase “automobile textile” encompasses a wide range of textile elements, including fibers, filaments, yarns, and the fabric itself.
Seat covers, carpets, and door and roof liners account for about two-thirds of all automotive textiles. The remaining portion is used to fortify various components like as tires, hoses, seat belts, air bags, and so on.


  1. The automobile textile industry is expanding to accommodate the rising need for safety devices.
  2. Automobile safety features such as seatbelts and airbags are widely used.
  3. When the car suddenly stops, the occupants are restrained from moving forward too far by their seat belts.
  4. Textiles are often used for auto filters.


In India, the textile industry is a major source of employment. Textiles for apparel, rugs, blankets, and other home décor items are among its many products. As textile production has gotten more technologically advanced and the quality of its goods has increased, it has become an important economic factor in many nations. With its outstanding protection against wear and tear on automotive parts and cars, textile has become one of the greatest markets in the automotive industry, and its usage has expanded dramatically over the years.


Because of the value it provides, textile is an essential component of cars. Automotive outfitting, including seats and seat coverings, may be manufactured from textiles. The upholstery is a medley of textiles with various prints and patterns. Covers for the seats and door panels of automobiles and trucks are also often crafted from this material.

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