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Competitiveness and Technology a Study of Automobile Sector in India

Competitiveness and Technology a Study of Automobile Sector in India


The automotive industry is a major economic driver worldwide, including in India. There is a large multiplier impact of industrial expansion because of the industry’s extensive forward and backward links with various main divisions of the economy. Increases in productivity and efficiency have a multiplier effect on the economy as a whole, boosting the effectiveness of various sectors via factors such as the flow of commodities and labor. Download competitiveness and technology in automobile industry pdf.

As a result, the sector is credited with helping to boost the nation’s gross domestic product. At many conferences, this industry’s potential to boost exports and job growth was highlighted.


  1. To look at the development of the auto industry.
  2. Examine the development of vehicle exports.
  3. It includes a diverse set of businesses and organizations engaged in the auto industry’s many stages, from conceptualization to production to distribution.
  4. In terms of earnings, it ranks among the world’s top industries.


Since economic liberalization in India, the automobile industry there has boomed like never before. An increase in the middle class’s discretionary income has led to a rise in the quality of life, which in turn has contributed to the industry’s extraordinary expansion. The state of the economy, and the banking system in particular, has been essential in driving up demand and keeping the business expanding.


In order to assess the competitiveness of Indian automakers, an index has been constructed. In doing so, an effort was made to examine the sector’s present state and historical development. To describe the issue at hand, we may use a composite competitiveness index, which is the mathematical aggregation of numerous indicators representing its many characteristics. The study’s findings are indicative of the sample businesses’ competitive standing and the industry as a whole.

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