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Successful Marketing in SMEs and its Relation to Customer Behavior

Successful Marketing in SMEs and its Relation to Customer Behavior


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and brands have been reoriented by this power structure to respond rapidly to consumers’ requirements and desires via an investigation of their online habits. Therefore, modern corporations provide more consumer-friendly choices and greater agency.

Because of the Internet, businesses are now able to remotely track and optimize the efficacy of their advertising capabilities through consumer behavior intelligence. This is because of the increased connectivity between retail outlets and the increased use of electronic media across a wide range of locations.


  1. For the simple reason that they form the backbone of our economy, small businesses are fundamental to everyone’s daily lives.
  2. We may thank small businesses for the great quality of life we enjoy because of the wide range of services provided, the abundance of specialists available, and the wide variety of goods and services available.
  3. The range of economic activity represented by the small businesses is extensive, including production, service, trade, professional services, and others.
  4. The entrepreneur is both the business’s owner and its creator; as such, he assumes all management responsibilities. An expanding economy revolves on entrepreneurial activity.


Companies with fewer than  full-time workers or annual sales below a specific threshold are considered small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). The definition of a “small” or “medium” firm varies from country to country (SME). Organizations must be of the appropriate size, with the industry in which they operate also being a factor.

While large corporations dominate the macroeconomic scene, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are crucial to the health of the economy. They are more common than huge firms, employ more people, and contribute to innovation via their entrepreneurial spirit and diversity of approach.


The definition of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) seems to be determined by the nature of the setting in which the concept will be used. Therefore, there is no uniform definition. The value of fixed assets may be used as a criterion by certain companies while the number of employees may be used by others.

The number of workers has also been utilized as a defining characteristic of SMEs. This approach is often simple, although it might run into roadblocks owing to the varying component intensities between sectors. In addition, there are definitional challenges brought on by part-timers and family workers who serve dual roles as supervisors and employees.

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