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Internet Marketing Opportunities and Their Effect on Customer Satisfaction

Internet Marketing Opportunities and Their Effect on Customer Satisfaction


The research indicates that there is little connection between internet advertising and consumer happiness. However, the association between online advertising and consumer happiness improves when brand awareness is taken into account as a metric. Most businesses now utilize online advertising as a new kind of advertising.

In order to assist practitioners pick the best tools for internet advertising, this publication employs a number of brand knowledge improvement strategies. Because brand reputation improves customer pleasure, it has been shown via this research that increasing consumer trust in product quality is a highly beneficial strategy for company owners.

This research differs from earlier ones in that they neglected factors related to brand awareness in search of a direct link between internet advertising and consumer happiness. In future studies, new scholars will be able to critically assess these features thanks to the study’s important findings.


  1. Building brand awareness and value.
  2. Increase the quantity of visits.
  3. Paid advertising, email marketing, and other forms of paid advertising
  4. Regularly provide original and useful insights.
  5. Prices are reduced for new customers.


Real-time connection development with clients is facilitated by it. Sending clients follow-up emails with discounts, news about new goods and services, and other information may help you establish an ongoing connection. Convenience for the client. Online businesses may be operated 24/7 without regard to working hours.

Customer satisfaction is crucial since it shows if your target audience approves of what you’re doing. According to research, excellent customer satisfaction increases customer retention, increases customer lifetime value, and boosts business reputation. Low customer satisfaction ratings are also significant.


Another excellent strategy to provide your consumers a detailed view of your brand and service is to have your own company website. This is your internet storefront, similar to owning your own physical shop, but virtual. Because of this, the digital world provides a fantastic environment for both personal and economic development. Today, having a website is essential to success.

Going all out in the digital world requires more than just having a website or registering for a social network account, however. Being consistent, producing high-quality material, and using eye-catching imagery to attract clients are just a few of the numerous strategies you may use to keep your company afloat.

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