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Study on Relation Between Brand Awareness and Repeat Purchases in Hospitality Sector

How can hospitality companies increase their market share and growth rates

The relation between brand awareness and repeat purchases is one of the biggest business with many different parts, such as recreation, lodging, entertainment, food and drink, and so on. Because of this, hospitality companies increase their market share and growth rates and gather all the relevant hospitality industry data so that can fine-tune the digital and brand awareness influences the consumer in hospitality sector.

These companies need an easy way to get fast and useful information so they can provide great service in an environment that is good for business. Operational changes focus on making sure that organizational processes are geared toward achieving goals.

This study looked at the quality systems of hospital departments, built and tested models of quality system organization and implementation, and looked at the clinical consequences.

Travel, tourism, lodging, entertainment, and food are all part of the hospitality business. Gather all the information you need to adapt your digital and social strategy to the fast-changing hospitality business.

But a data analytics solution can give clinical laboratory and hospital management insights into the success of healthcare organizations through metrics and reports that are linked to each other. This method can also show trends in a business.

Because of bad management, hospitals need a quality management method. Quality control methods can’t be ignored in hospitals in the south of India.

Keywords: Operation, Quality, Improvements, data analytics, hospital


Since most functions in an organization are interconnected, a systems approach is necessary to optimize the whole rather than simply its parts. Today, most healthcare careers involve coordinating and executing daily tasks.

Hospital operations management includes all management methods and business procedures that have to do with patient care. Priorities include workflow, capacity design, physical network optimization, people levels, efficiency management, supply chain and logistics management, quality management, process engineering, and quality management.

Even though hospitals are big and hard to run, they lack complexity and technology. When more than half of hospitals have negative running margins, it is important to have operational excellence to cut costs.

Healthcare operations management is a growing field that uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to find the best ways to improve patient care and increase efficiency. Brand awareness influenced by consumer in hospitality sector has increased.

Operations management helps improve the organization’s financial health by understanding and improving labor productivity, waiting lines, cycle times, and patient experience.


  • Design a system for better patient care.
  • Cut down on the running costs of the facility.
  • Reports should be made available to management on demand in order to improve decision-making.
  • To ensure the provision of medical care that is both safe and of a high standard.
  • To cultivate outstanding health professionals who will take the helm in the years to come.


A temporal review of empirical hospital management research shows that the hospital is an established organization. Psychosocial role of the hospital discussed.

Structural and functional literature theoretical and empirical provides further information. Some think “hospital” comes from the Latin word “hospitum,” meaning a place to stay or a place that offers “hospitality” to guests.

When there are a lot of brands in an industry, the link between knowing about a brand and buying it again is especially strong. In these industries, people may choose a brand they know over a brand they have never heard of, even if the two brands offer similar goods.


The implementation of new technologies into hospital operations is at the core of the hospital management system concept. To simplify operation, computers have mostly replaced the manual system in this region. This hospital management system is extremely dependable and has been validated across a variety of settings.

This study will suggest more investigation. There are a few suggests that can be made to enhance the facilities of the hospital. To improve patient wait times, the hospital should add counters and employees, especially in high-volume departments. Registration counters will increase dramatically. Outpatients will have a separate feedback form and a larger waiting area.

How is brand awareness influenced by consumer in hospitality sector?

When a customer meets with the business, whether online or in person, they form an initial opinion. And if the work in the hospitality business, want that first image to be a good one so that people will come back to the company again and again. Having a strong and impressive brand image can make the company stand out from the competition and help it do better.

This study can help final-year students understand material management for business success.

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