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Application of Queuing Therapy to Optimize Waiting Time on Hospital

Optimization of Hospital Waiting Times using Queueing Theory

Queueing theory and simulation may reduce patient demand and wait times. Move multitaskers to the medication-filling process that takes the longest, according on patient flow analysis. patient satisfaction service delivery improves Hospital queue length monitor using Queuing Therapy. Application of Queuing Therapy to Optimize Waiting Time on Hospital and distribution of resources.

Most big hospitals in India have trouble with breaks because healthcare needs it. Wait times could mean that the hospital is not running well. Most people have to wait the longest in outpatient areas. This study looks at OPD from many points of view. Many of India’s biggest hospitals don’t use research-based strategies like queuing theory.

Instead, they rely on their own experience and rules of thumb. It’s everywhere. There are a lot of people who go to the hospital, so the lines are long and people have to wait longer. To fix this, a SWOT analysis was done on the outpatient department (OPD) of the hospital.

This helped break down the problem of waiting in line and come up with ways to fix it. It also helps individuals understand hospital operations and how to improve them. distribution of resources queuing theory on waiting time on hospital. application of queue management in healthcare.

Keywords: queueing theory, waiting time, hospital operations, hospital strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and patient happiness.


Hospital services, especially the outpatient area, help multi-specialty hospitals give good medical care. The outpatient department (OPD) is a way for hospitals to make money so they can invest in new technologies and cut down on inpatient costs. application of queue management in healthcare to service delivery improves.

Even though the OPD is very important, hospitals don’t care when patients complain about long wait times, which are often caused by long lines and unhappy people.
Hospitals should satisfy patients. Hospitals that rebuild and employ best practices, technologies, and methods can aid developing nations like India.

A hospital’s OPD connects it to the community.

Configure it to optimize usage and change. Medical and support lines must work together to meet OPD queue length monito expectations. application of queue management in healthcare.

Physician-nurse interactions, medication availability, hospital architecture, and medical skill affect OPD patient satisfaction. Application of Queuing Therapy to Optimize Waiting Time on Hospital.

Because of this, it is very important for a patient’s health and well-being that they don’t have to wait too long for medical treatments. application of queue management in healthcare service delivery improves.


• Come up with a good queueing theory and modeling method to make the outpatient pharmacy in question work as well as possible.
• To look at how the idea of lines helps improve customer service.

  • Investigate tertiary hospital outpatient waiting times.
  • To apply queueing theory to each physician’s data to study the effect of influencing parameters on outpatient waiting time for patient satisfaction.
  • To suggest ways to reduce outpatient department (OPD) waiting time without adding resources or patient distribution of resources.


Researchers have looked at how long people have to wait to see a doctor in general hospitals. These studies found that healthcare workers, consultations, and patients all had an effect on how long people had to wait. Healthcare queuing theory studies can be put into groups based on how long people wait and how they use services. Then, the studies are split up into sections for reneging, variable arrival rate, priority queuing discipline, and blocking.

But there are studies on cost minimization and blocking that look at how to build a queueing system. Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, and Emergency were studied at the department level, while the full outpatient department was studied at the healthcare center level. The size of the system explains these differences for patient flow analysis to patient satisfaction and queue length monitor.

Using the idea of queueing, you can figure out how long people have to wait in the healthcare system. After a careful look, the “queuing hypothesis” cuts down on how long hospital patients have to wait. service enhancements Hospital operations have looked into the idea of waiting lines and patient happiness in great detail. application of queue management in healthcare.

Most Indian hospitals neglect this crucial instrument. Emergency departments have been improved via queueing analysis. Most hospitals employ appointments and queue either first-in, first-out or by patient priority. This comes first in emergencies for queue length monitor to patient flow analysis.


This study uses queuing theory to improve OPD procedure efficiency in hospitals. This study shows that healthcare waiting time is crucial. application of queue management in healthcare.

Patient dissatisfaction may be greater than the wait time in long queues. application of queue management in healthcare and distribution of resources.
. Other hospitals’ outpatient sections could use queuing theory to solve India’s hospital queues. departments.

The new sign-up counter should have lowered signs and sign-up forms. Queue managers separate new and returning patients and prevent appointments during consultant clinical rounds. TVs, air conditioning, and comfy chairs can make waiting seem shorter patient satisfaction.

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