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Study on effectiveness of E-recruitment

Effectiveness of E-recruitment

E-recruitment is a recruiting strategy that employs effect of digital platforms and technology to attract, screen, and select prospective job applicants. E-recruitment is used by companies that want to make things easier and reach out to more people. The objective of this, study on effectiveness of E-recruitment is to conduct an investigation on the efficacy of recruitment as a recruitment strategy.

Because technology is changing quickly, people use the internet a lot. E-recruitment will be compared to more standard ways of hiring to see what its pros and cons are and how well it works. For the study, polls, face-to-face talks, and facts about hiring will be used. The goal of the study is to help HR workers, hiring companies, and lawmakers come up with and use successful strategies for online marketing.

Companies may improve results, recruit top talent, save expenses, and increase efficiency by understanding online hiring benefits and downsides. An easier application process may help job seekers discover appropriate positions.

Keywords: e-recruitment, digital platforms, effectiveness, recruitment strategies, job applicants, efficiency, HR professionals, talent acquisition.


It is important for a company’s growth to hire good people who can help it grow. Many businesses used print ads, job fairs, and paper resumes to find people to fill open positions. E-recruitment is the process of finding, screening, and hiring people online. It uses tools for keeping track of applicants, company websites, social media, and online job boards. These digital tools have changed hiring in a big way by letting companies talk to candidates from all over the world, simplify processes, and make recruitment more efficient.

More and more academics and HR workers are interested in how well online hiring strategies work. Even though e-recruitment has been used by many companies. It is still important to look at how they have changed the different parts of the hiring process. The study on effectiveness of E-recruitment aims to fill this gap by looking at how well online hiring works and sharing information about its pros, cons, and possible ways to make it better.


  • In order to determine the benefits and drawbacks of using the internet for recruiting purposes, both for businesses and job seekers.
  • To measure how satisfied job searchers and companies are with internet recruitment.
  • To come up with ways to improve online hiring methods and answers to any problems that might come up.


The findings of research conducted on the subject of the quality of job candidates drawn by e-recruitment have been varied. There is evidence from a number of studies that e-recruitment results in a greater number of eligible candidates owing to the increased reach of the platform and its specificity.

E-recruitment strategy makes things faster and better. Digital technologies streamline communication and speed up application processing for recruiters. This results in a shorter time to acquire new employees, cheaper expenses associated with recruiting, and higher overall productivity.

E-recruitment has a big impact on the experience that candidates have with the organization and the impressions they form of it. The company’s image could get a boost from application awards. It’s great to have clear job titles, tools that are easy to use, and quick ways to get in touch. A successful applicant experience may lead to an increased talent pipeline as well as an enhanced reputation for the organization.

E-recruitment allows companies to engage with individuals worldwide, boost their candidate pool, and fill available jobs faster utilizing automated screening and applicant tracking systems. Researchers who looked into the effectiveness of electronic employment found a lot of useful information about the pros, cons, and effects of using digital platforms and tools during the hiring process.


According to the conclusions of the research, firms may gain a lot by using online recruiting instead of traditional methods. It makes hiring easier, increases the number of candidates, and cuts costs. Applications are automatically tracked and checked. E-recruitment helps companies fill jobs more quickly and from all over the world. A study on electronic work showed the pros, cons, and effects of using digital platforms and tools for hiring. Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies were employed to achieve aims. Online recruitment has challenges, according to the report. Due to the large number of applications firms get, information overload and efficient filtering mechanisms are major issues. Digitally, it’s hard to judge social skills, cultural fit, and how people work together.

Results of the research

Its goal of study on effectiveness of E-recruitment is to improve how people hire online. These include using good methods and systems for keeping track of applicants. Video interviews and virtual assessments to increase human connection and other channels to ensure diversity to control information overload. Organizations have too much knowledge. Understanding e-recruitment’s pros, cons, and effects may help firms enhance recruitment, attract top talent, and boost efficiency.

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