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What is the reason why people like to do online shopping

Reason behind Customer Satisfaction towards online shopping is to investigate the degree to which reference to Bangalore city. Customers get satisfied with internet purchasing while online shopping. The best deals on high-quality goods may be found at online retailers, where purchasing is also more convenient than ever.

One of the most important things that determines how successful an online store is in India is how well-known that store is. In the high-tech and fast-paced business world of today, shopping online has become more and more important.

With the rise of online shopping, customers now have a new way to beat standard stores. One of the main reasons online shopping has become so popular so quickly is that people can buy things from the comfort of their own homes or places of work.

In recent times, the web has maintained a valuable position within the realm of economic operations. People today frequently use the internet to share their interests with others. The study also found that shopping online has a working professionals towards online shopping, range of effects, including those related to age and gender.

Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Online Shopping, economic activities, product online.


Since it was first made available for commercial use, the World Wide Web has experienced phenomenal expansion in both size and functionality. Recently in the present time, computer-based shopping or E-shopping is the latest trend of Online shopping with reference to Bangalore.

People in today’s society perform chores traditionally done at home online. Customers who shop online are required to have access to the internet in order to complete their purchases. People are able to browse the websites of online retailers and purchase things without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Whether a company sells things online or not, it has become a vital part of its operations. Because customer satisfaction with conventional services is so important, companies want satisfied customers with their online services too.


  • A consumer is said to engage in online purchase behavior’s when they really pay for things through the use of the internet.
  • A significant number of customers are wary about making purchases online, and more than half of them back out of their carts before making a payment.
  • This fear of purchasing may be attributed to a variety of circumstances, including the perceived risk of either financial or product loss while making garment purchases.
  • The manner in which a customer feels about getting services online depends on how familiar they are with the service company and how much they know about the internet.

Literature Review

Mention that the home catalog is another standard way to sell things that people can use to shop from the comfort of their own homes because there are so many options. Due to the outbreak, many of the usual ways we buy things have stopped.

Because of this, shopping online has become even more important than it was before. It is important to do study into the reason why people like to do online shopping are in an online setting.

This will allow us to gain a better understanding of our consumers behavior’s, working professionals towards online shopping and better tailor our offerings to meet their requirements.


Websites that provide the option of online shopping should provide excellent customer service and have applications or websites that are simple to use in order to be easily accessible to the general public.

This will encourage customers to choose online shopping over buying in person. In order to attract the biggest number of customers, the process of acquiring the product must also be simple to understand and utilize.

Customers of a company that offers online services might be happy and loyal to the company. If it builds a better image for the quality of its brand and handles customer complaints as they come up during the delivery process.

How do customers get satisfied by online shopping?

Customers get satisfied by responding to what people have to say. When you respond to customer feedback, it shows that you care about what they have to say about your business and don’t just see them as a name on a ticket.

You care about what they have to say about your business and talk to them. Make it simple for people to reach your business.

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