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MBA Marketing – A Study on Potential of Export Market

MBA Marketing – A Study on Potential of Export Market


The potential value at which a nation is able to export its goods to a particular target market given the country’s existing supply capacity, as well as the demand of the target market and the circumstances under which it may enter the market. The prosperity of business and the economy as a whole are dependent on the availability of resources as well as their responsible administration. MBA project in export marketing pdf free download.

Laterally policies that aim to improve the efficiency of border procedures, harmonize regulations on products and services, and increase the transparency of these rules are ways to create an environment that is conducive to the optimal use of resources. These policies can also be used to create an environment that is conducive to an optimal use of resources.

However, governments do not restrict themselves to only enacting horizontal policies rather, they establish specialized agencies, seek out funds for development, and negotiate trade regulations that are in no way neutral toward certain industries.


  1. Nations who want to increase their exports to new or current target markets are the ones that Export Potential is designed to help. These countries are supported by Export Potential.
  2. It selects items in which the exporting country has previously shown that it is competitive on the international market and which have excellent prospects of export success in a particular target market.
  3. The ability of a nation to diversify into new product categories is not conveyed by predicted market shares in the same way as the country’s capability to provide current product categories.
  4. The evaluation of export potential enhances the accuracy of the solely outcome-based measurement of links to new products by taking into consideration natural endowments that are essential to the ability of a nation to manufacture certain goods.


In contrast to this reality, you could argue that “interventions that increase the size and profitability of certain activities are legitimate if they contribute to the rest of society through taxes and higher productivity jobs,” and then you could conclude that “we may be doomed to choose, but we should only choose when the maximum amount of information has been revealed.”


Modern economies rely heavily on exports because they expand access to consumers and businesses. Economic commerce, including exports and imports, is promoted as one of the primary roles of diplomacy and international policy between states.

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