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MBA Marketing – A Study on Analysis of E- Retailing in India

MBA Marketing – A Study on Analysis of E- Retailing in India


The online non-travel industry, which includes e-Retailing (online stores and auctions), online classifieds (job boards, matrimonial sites, real estate listings, vehicle listings, and free general listings), and paid content subscriptions and digital downloads (research, articles, exclusive videos, and so on). For investors, the most lucrative markets are those associated with travel, classifieds, group purchasing, automobile sales, and high-end labels. Download a study on analysis of e- retailing in india project pdf.


  1. To have an understanding of the online retail sector in India as well as its influence on the retail industry in India.
  2. To investigate the potential for internet shopping in India and its markets.
  3. To do research on the primary obstacles faced by internet merchants in India
  4. This research investigates the retail business in India from the perspective of the internet retail market and how it has affected the retail sector there.


Retailing operations that are carried out over the internet are referred to as e-retail or online retail. Customers in India have access to a wide selection of goods from a large number of online stores, sometimes known as e-retailers. In the retail industry, transactions with customers are sometimes referred to as “business to consumer” (B2C).

Players in the online retail space may be divided into two categories: those who are category focused and those who are multi category focused. Players that specialize on a certain category provide a comprehensive selection of a particular product.


Over the last several years, the retail industry in India has been subject to a number of significant shifts. It is possible for online shopping to make a substantial contribution to both the retail business and the economy of our nation if it maintains its current growth rate of between 50 and 60 percent.

But in order for us to capitalize on these economic patterns, we need to strengthen the physical infrastructure in our nation, as well as the regulatory framework, and the operational environment.

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