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MBA Marketing – A  Study on “Marketing Strategies of Paints”

MBA Marketing – A Study on “Marketing Strategies of Paints”


The Approaches to Marketing Strategy – The company’s ability to continue operating is perhaps the most fundamental direct or indirect motivator for all of its operations. Nobody starts a firm with the intention of having it fail.Download project on marketing strategy for painting business.

Because running a business in general involves taking risks and because the environment in which businesses operate is constantly changing, it would be extremely irresponsible for a company not to make plans for potential future strategies pertaining to the product, as these are the factors that ensure the continued viability of industry operations.

As a result of this circumstance, manufacturers are now in the buyer’s market. Many individuals no longer care about happiness, stability, security, or success. Instead, they are primarily concerned with surviving and maintaining their current way of life. The makers of food and drinks have it a little bit simpler in comparison to the manufacturers of decorative and speciality items. It is for this reason that having a pleasant and healthy atmosphere is considered to be crucial in one’s life.


  1. The way someone looks on the outside reveals more about how they are on the inside, and cleanliness is considered to be next to godliness.
  2. It is foolish to analyze one’s chances of survival just in terms of food and clothes without also taking into account one’s surroundings.
  3. When you’re in the painting business, marketing might seem like a whole new profession. You undoubtedly devote a lot of attention to ways in which you might expand your painting company, regardless of whether you own it, are a partner in it, or are a one-person show.
  4. On the other hand, picking your tactics carefully and sticking to them might bring you a lot more success in the long term, particularly if you are consistent.


It has been in business for more than seventy years, making it the most successful paint manufacturer in India. They are well recognized for the high quality of their paints, but they are also renowned for the popularity they have achieved around the country thanks to the creative and entertaining advertising they have produced. Their approach to marketing has been the primary differentiating factor that has contributed to the company’s current level of success.


Paints use a variety of pricing tactics, depending on the market group that is being targeted. As was just discussed, the Royale product line is targeted for high-income demographics and is thus sold at a premium price point.

Paints use a method to pricing that is focused on the product’s value for both the medium and economic markets. The price of a product category might vary quite a bit depending on the unique characteristics of the product. Pricing selections are often impacted both by the cost of the raw materials used in the production of paints and by the prices offered by the company’s rivals.

The success of the firm may also be partially due to the generous incentives that it provides for its distributors. In a nutshell,  Paints has moved toward adopting a pricing strategy that is more flexible.

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