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Knowledge Economy, IT Clusters, Intellectual Property Rights in IT

Knowledge Economy, IT Clusters, Intellectual Property Rights in IT


The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development  is credited with coining the phrase “knowledge-based economy,” which describes an economy that is “directly based on the creation, diffusion, and application of knowledge and information.” A knowledge-based economy is an economy in which ideas and technologies are used as ingredients; intellectual property is the merchandise; users want smarter goods that provide greater convenience; and technology leaders are the ones who drive innovation.Get knowledge economy It cluster project dissertation help here.

Download knowledge economy It cluster project dissertation help MBA project report to use as reference for your last semester’s worth of project work. You have the option of sending in a request for the work on your MBA project. Look here for free MBA project ideas, subjects, and synopses, as well as project proposals. Download the intellectual property rights and knowledge management project work in accordance with the requirements set out by the institution. All project work is prepared and ready to be submitted for the MBA and BBA degrees. Get knowledge economy project dissertation help.


  1. The purposes served by affording creators of original intellectual works some degree of legal protection are what are referred to as the aims of intellectual property law.
  2. The most important purpose of intellectual property (IP) rights is to ensure that creators will be compensated for their work and protected against infringement  will be recognized for their labor.
  3. A kind of right that protects intellectual property that has monetary worth and does not physically exist.


New intellectual property rights should be low and permeable to increase the widespread use of scientific and technological databases, particularly by researchers who work for public organizations and institutions that are tasked with advancing the interests of society. This is a welcome development, but the new intellectual property rights that have been created to protect the intellectual property of scientific and technological databases that have been developed should be low and permeable. To fully realize a country’s potential in the area of intellectual property, it is necessary to have both an effective legislative framework and infrastructure-based, infrastructure-based initiatives. He proposed several legal changes that may reimagine and rekindle the possibilities of intellectual property.


The research on KE places a significant emphasis on knowledge generation as its central topic. The process of information distribution and the particular IPR instruments that have been employed for this goal have both been the subject of relatively few research, despite the fact that many studies have been conducted on the development of knowledge and its many minute elements. A significant portion of the information that is generated in an academic or research center is not put to use, mostly due to the fact that it is not adequately secured by any intellectual property rights (IPR), and as a result, it cannot be transferred or leased to the business sector. This indifference is terrible due to the fact that a crucial insight of productivity and large advances in productivity are realized only when new technologies are accessible for the appropriate use of societal demands.

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