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Intelligent Agents, Distributed Software Development, Advances in Encryption

Intelligent Agents, Distributed Software Development, Advances in Encryption


Intelligent software agents are, in general, computer programs that can be launched into a computer system or into a network to perform processes in the background, typically while the computer is working on other tasks in the foreground. These programs can also be used to communicate with other computers or with other intelligent software agents. They are meant to be goal driven, which means that they are capable of formulating an agenda of objectives that need to be accomplished in order to carry out activities on behalf of a user. Download report on Intelligent agents distributed software development.

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  1. A software that is able to make judgments or carry out a service depending on its surroundings, user input, and previous experiences is referred to as an intelligent agent.
  2. These applications may be used to collect information on their own according to a predetermined schedule or when requested by the user in real time. This information can be gathered automatically.
  3. A persistent, goal-oriented computer program that responds to its surroundings and works without constant direct supervision is referred to as a software development.
  4. The purpose of a software development is to execute some function for an end user or another program.
  5. The primary objective of a software development methodology known as distributed software development is to facilitate users’ access to distant resources and their regulated sharing of those resources with other users.


The literature study contains a number of different categories of intelligence agents and intelligence standards that have been presented. The aims to be attained and the duties to be performed are guiding the development of software agents including a variety of distinguishing characteristics and capabilities.


This article presents a comprehensive analysis of intelligent agents, covering the different kinds of intelligent agents that may be distinguished from one another on the basis of the duties that they carry out and the applications to which they are placed. It is covered a variety of definitions that are now available for intelligent agents, in addition to a variety of applications for software improvements.
In addition, we will discuss software agents, and after that, we will show many various applications of these agents on their own.

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