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Customer Relationship Management and IT

Customer Relationship Management and IT


The utilization of customer relationship management  technology enables the integration and sharing of information, facilitates efficient and effective interaction between an organization and its customers, enables the analysis of customer information, and allows for the customization of responses to customers. The article focuses mostly on discussing customer relationship management technology, which stands for customer relationship management information technology.

The role of relational information processes and technology use in customer relationship performance is examined, as is the mediating effect of customer knowledge and the moderating effect of supply integration.


  1. Technology has altered the ways in which people may interact with one another, as well as the ways in which businesses and organizations can communicate with us.
  2. It is possible to utilize customer relationship management software to automate lead and sales processes and to gather information about customers in a single location.
  3. Since data may be preserved in server logs, the source from which customers were acquired can be recorded and compared to sales data for customers acquired from the source. This allows for more thorough business analysis.
  4. Integration is essential to making efficient use of technology in customer relationship management. It is useless information to know where your clients come from if you do not also know what they buy.
  5. Comparing the two is the most effective way to get ideas that can be put into practice.


The focus of this article is on the role that customer relationship management plays in providing customer service, and it does so from the perspective of the performance of customer relationships. The function of sales force automation , which is an operational customer relationship management technology, is investigated with regard to its impact on customer service on five different levels.

The failure of customer relationship management technology may be attributed to a number of problems, including poor supply chain integration, inadequate organizational and contextual variables, and ineffective interaction between relationship information processes and customer relationship management.


Enhancing the overall satisfaction of one’s clientele is one of the primary goals of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. If you successfully complete this target, you will almost certainly witness favorable effects across all aspects of your company. When you make enhanced customer satisfaction the key aim for your CRM, all other goals work to support this goal.

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