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Enterprise Resource Models, Knowledge Management/Repositories

Enterprise Resource Models, Knowledge Management/Repositories


Examining the role that organizational learning and knowledge management play in the deployment of enterprise resource planning is the focus of this study. The concepts of organizational learning, knowledge management, and the application of enterprise resource planning are the basis for this research. This study did not assess all organizational aspects; rather, it concentrated primarily on a company’s knowledge management capacity and its power to absorb new information.

It is essential that the enterprise resource planning implementation be effective. Enterprise resource planning is rapidly becoming one of the most important instruments for achieving competitiveness in company in today’s global economy, which is marked by intense competition. The term “enterprise resource planning” refers to an infrastructure that is used to establish and sustain businesses in order to increase the front- and back-respective office’s efficiencies and effectiveness.


  1. Sharing one’s points of view, ideas, experiences, and knowledge is the driving force behind the Knowledge Management process.
  2. To ensure that they are accessible in the appropriate location and at the appropriate time to allow informed decision-making; to enhance efficiency by eliminating the need to recall previously acquired information; and to enable informed decision-making.
  3. A knowledge repository is an online database that collects, organizes, and catalogs information that is based on a body of known information in a methodical manner.
  4. The majority of the time, knowledge repositories take the shape of private databases and are used to manage business and confidential information. On the other hand, public repositories also exist and are used to handle intelligence from the public domain.


This study is important because it will bring new thinking to the determination of the key antecedents to successful enterprise resource planning implementation based on knowledge management perspectives, and it will also help to understand the key success factor in the implementation of enterprise resource planning.


In order to preserve the authenticity and applicability of intellectual property, knowledge repositories are necessary. This may be accomplished most efficiently by businesses if they embed copyright compliance and digital rights management into their systems, which allows administrators to monitor how material is used.

The knowledge repository consists of documents and information and includes a structured internal knowledge such as research reports that interpret raw information, techniques, methods, and policies, memos, presentations, articles, committee reports, and an enquiry-tracking database. In addition, the repository also contains a structured external knowledge.

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