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A Study on Consumer Behavior Survey of Computer Industry

A Study on Consumer Behavior Survey of Computer Industry


A consumer behavior study is a type of market research that helps gather information about customer preferences, attitudes, and habits. With these insights, you’ll be able to tailor your products, services, strategies, and marketing to what your customers want. This will help you increase sales, make your customers happier, and get ahead of your competitors in having to provide them with customer satisfaction in terms of computer industry.

Resulting Picture for the Consumer Behavior Study Conducted Inside the Computing Industry. The following is an explanation of the typical stages that customers go through when buying a laptop computer. Identification of the Issue Tracking Down Related Data Looking for Potential Solutions Critical Appraisal of All Options Determination to Acquire Analyses performed after the acquisition

The duty of the marketer is to fulfill and satisfy the requirements and desires of the target consumers, yet “understanding customer preferences” is not an easy task to do. The marketing department’s primary objective must be to have an understanding of the purchasing patterns shown by the target market for the items offered by the firm.

In this study on Consumer Behavior Survey of Computer Industry, it is the job of marketers to “think like a customer” and lead the company in a way that helps it come up with offers that are meaningful and appealing to the customers preferences they are meant for, as well as solutions that satisfy customers and make money and benefits for both customers and stakeholders.


“Understanding client” is difficult, yet marketers must meet target consumers’ demands. The marketing department should learn the target market’s buying habits for the company’s products and services.

It is the responsibility of marketers to “think like a customer” and direct the company in such a way that it develops offers that are meaningful and appealing to the customers to whom they are directed, as well as solutions that provide customer satisfaction, as well as profits and benefits for the customers, and for the stakeholders in the company as a whole.


Those who use computers as a medium of communication may be surveyed electronically, which can provide light on their communication habits. Your ideal customers may be reached and engaged in conversation via the use of online surveys. Reaching out to your intended audience in a timely manner will result in higher response rates and customer satisfaction.

This may include the conversion of units of measurement, the plotting of a record map on a computer, the reduction of field data, changes to the survey, calculations, and the plotting of a record map on a computer showing the findings of the survey. Computers are used in business for inventory management, product design, virtual product samples, interior design, video conferencing, and more. One approach to engage potential clients is through online questionnaires. Timely communication with your target population increases response rates and customer satisfaction.

Obtaining accurate results in real time enables an analysis that is not only quick but also straightforward. This may include changing the units of measurement, drawing a record map on a computer, reducing the amount of field data, making adjustments to the survey, doing computations, and charting a record map on a computer displaying the results of the survey. Industry. Business uses computers for inventory management, product design, interior design, video conferencing, and many more things.


  1. To investigate the viewpoints of consumers on laptops.
  2. In order to determine the aspects that have a role in the decision-making process of consumers
  1. To investigate the conceptual foundation, concentrating on the activities of consumers. To discover the several places where one may get information on buying laptops.


The development of a loyal client base should always be the primary focus of every business. The client alone transforms goods and services into money and economic resources into wealth. This Study on Consumer Behavior Survey of Computer Industry rely on their utmost customer preference.

What a company believes it generates is not the primary factor in determining its success. A firm’s identity, products, and profitability depend on what consumers think they’re buying and value. Marketing requires consumer behavior analysis. This article’s information affects both price and quality, however the study indicated that low-income people prioritize price over quality.

Consumers choose cheaper products because they have more choices. The findings showed that product pricing positively affects customer preferences of purchasing behavior and product quality. The findings demonstrated that a customer’s desire to utilize a laptop and their affiliation with a particular brand are two independent factors.

They see the battery’s life span as a vital feature while meeting those aims, and they associate that with the brand. Others, particularly family members, have a significant influence on the attitudes of consumers while they are purchasing high-involvement items. The sentiments of the respondents demonstrate a good link with one of the highest ranked laptops made by Apple. Much as with other items, the impression that buyers have while buying a laptop is dependent on several sources of information.


Understanding consumer behaviour in its whole is very necessary because it has an impact on the buying behaviour of consumers. Consumer behaviour has an influence on the purchasing behaviour of consumers.

It has been shown via subsequent research that the most respondents’ levels of satisfaction with respect to pricing. They are eager to suggest the goods to others since shipping, quality, and style in addition to after-sale support are all excellent others. There are a great variety of brands on the market today, and their pricing might vary greatly from one another.

Considering quality, capacity, kind, and other factors in the modern technology period, middle-class people who use laptops to replace human resources are wrong. Taking into consideration this circumstance customer. Many brand names have been developed for long-lasting items.


The decision to buy digital products was based on the brand name, quality, price, amount of storage space, and style, as well as the features, promises or warranties, after-sales service, cash discount, and payment system. If all these factors have been given careful consideration by laptops, they will see an increase in business, and they will be able to take pleasure in a customer satisfaction.

Small enterprises will increase computer use for manufacturing, resource distribution, and data analysis and processing. Merchants must find methods to boost their shop brand to compete in this fast-developing retail industry.

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