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Market Response Towards Packaged Food Products

What factors  to the market’s  growth for food packaging

Market Response Towards Packaged Food Products is  developing countries like India, peoples are expected to contribute financially to the household, making pre-packaged quick foods easier and saving time. Depending on the product, instant food from a package is simplified and hastened.  These are the some factors  to the market’s  growth drivers for food packaging.

Today, fast food is sold in every store. Consumers are ready to spend more, so opinions about already packaged fast food are important. A study looked at how customers felt about fast food that came in packages. What the market says about packed food. The study looks at how customers feel about packaged food.

The way people act is interesting and always changing. People in the market find the way customers act both interesting and difficult. This study looks at how packed food changes the way people shop.correlation, regression, and component analysis were used to find out what foods and goods users like and how the market works.

The rise in instant food consumption can be attributed to urbanization, the dissolution of the joint family model, time constraints, the desire for convenience, shifting lifestyles, and a growing middle-income group. package food market response project.

This research suggests that food manufacturers should consider customer comments on packaging when designing new goods and listen to them. Client feedback during product development can help achieve this goal.

Keywords: Product packaging,  consumer behaviour, food products.


Product refers to all tangible and non-tangible items and services sold to end users. Anything that answers a question or satisfies a request, whether an idea, technique, data, service, or actual object, is an end result. Customers are experts at customizing solutions to meet their demands.

Product attractiveness, customer perception, and consumer preferences all indicate purchase behavior. package food market response project.

Consumer behavior is a key part of the marketing field for a number of reasons. Academics who study marketing found that buyers didn’t always act the way economic theory said they should. No matter how developed or growing an economy was, it had a big consumer market. A lot of people bought things and paid a lot of money for them.

Also, customer tastes were changing and becoming more varied. Even in industrial marketplaces where demand for a variety of goods and services was more consistent, buyers’ tastes were becoming more varied, making it harder to guess what they would do when they bought something.

Because product life cycles are getting shorter, people are more concerned about the environment, and laws protect consumers. Buying habits can be affected by personal factors. Age, job, income, and way of life all have an effect on what people buy. Project to package food for the market reaction.


  • To find out how much consumers know about branded packaged food by doing study and making an assessment.
  • To find out how much people know about certain food brands.
  • To find out which brands of food customers prefer for a range of different foods.
  • The goal of this study is to find out what makes customers choose one brand over another when it comes to certain foods.
  • To find out why you should or shouldn’t buy the stated packaged food items, as well as why you should buy them.


Market Response Towards Products study shows that a person’s taste for spicy food is affected by how much women work, how much money the family makes, and how much they want to cook faster. The writers say that most people who buy powders and masalas buy 200-gram boxes, while a smaller number buy 100-gram boxes.

Their study showed that a person’s taste for spicy food is affected by how much women work, how much money the family makes, and how much they want to cook faster. The writers say that most people who buy powders and masalas buy 200-gram boxes, while less people buy 100-gram boxes.

In their study, they found that the vast majority of instant meal products. Most customers buy at least three different kinds of food on a regular basis, and because of this, they think that the main way fast food companies promote their products is by giving away free samples door to door.

Packaging affects what people buy. The box is important for promotion and getting people to buy things. So, we need to look into the parts of packing and how people buy things.


In Indian culture, food is both identity and habit. Today, women can work in offices and raise their kids. Cooking takes time and concentration for working women. Cooking is difficult and time-consuming because food is shared as love. Instant meals simplify cooking and save homemakers and working women time. They prefer home-cooked, hygienically packaged food than hotel food.

What are the growth drivers of the food packaging market?

Companies are launching more packaged food products due to the growing trend. Growth drivers of the food packaging by appearance, feel, and convenience.

Noodles are now in practically every Indian kitchen. Everyone in this survey knows about instant food. Instant meal is popular for its convenience and speed. Food zones and supermarkets sell most instant food.

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