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Brand Awareness of Spencers with Big Bazaar and Other Retail Organization

Brand Awareness of Spencers with Big Bazaar and Other Retail Organization


Spencer’s Retail marketing Limited is a multi-format retailer that specializes in serving its target market by stocking a comprehensive selection of high-quality food, personal care, clothing, home furnishings, and technology products. They do this by offering a wide variety of product formats, including in-store and online options like that of big bazaar malls. They accomplish this goal by providing customers with a selection of store types, which might include shopping malls, shopping centers, and outlet malls. Spencer’s retail marketing carries a variety of cleaning goods under the brand name “Clean Home,” as well as a range of convenience and snack foods called “Tasty Wonders,” among other brands.

Spencer’s retail marketing has a broad variety of cookware that does not stick to food and is hard anodized under the brand name maroon. In addition, the store sells plastics and foils under this brand name. Market recognition may sometimes indicate consumer familiarity with a brand or product. Brand awareness campaigns educate consumers about the advantages of a product and differentiate it from competitors. Social media marketing has grown in importance in recent years.


“Retailing is its own sector that is different, diversified, and active,” The majority of wealthy countries place a significant amount of economic importance on this endeavor. It brings about scientific breakthroughs, as well as increases in investment and national income, and it stimulates economic growth. People say that “it makes money for the economy and gives people jobs.” “It is a dynamic part of how our society is changing and a major source of job opportunities.”

Since retailing engages in activities at a more extensive level, it is in need of a substantial number of staff to oversee and manage its operations. The provision of products and services at prices that are affordable to consumers and an improvement in their level of life are two further ways that retailing benefits society as a whole. It is possible to look at retailing as a big contribution to the economy as a whole.

Retailers frequently create their own items or place huge orders for services to take advantage of economies of scale and set more competitive prices. Usually, you need a storefront and/or an online profile to sell goods and services.


Big Bazaar is a shopping mall chain in India that is now owned. From the start, Big Bazaar wanted Indian consumers to enjoy shopping with their family.

The Big Bazaar mall is not your typical hypermarket in any way. It provides for every one of your family’s requirements and products. Indian customers may find that Big Bazaar offers the best value for their money. Big Bazaar has a competitive edge over other stores. They promise that Big Bazaar will have the best things at the best prices, and they can’t break this promise. Big Bazaar mall will soon offer more to provide clients a more comprehensive shopping experience.


  1. The goal of Big Bazaar, which is a retail chain company, is to achieve the highest possible market share.
  2. The early enterprises of Big Bazaar mall were founded with the primary goal of establishing a stable and consolidated environment.
  3. They were developed with the purpose of maintaining order. Companies should prioritize speed and originality in this new era since nothing remains the same.


Our whole business is based on meeting the needs and wants of our customers. Their wants, their avarice, and their requirements are all the same. The Indian customer’s value for money promise is so ingrained that he must consistently get value.

The Great Bazaar in no way resembles the standard format of a hypermarket in any manner. It satisfies each and every one of the needs that your family has. Big Bazaar, which has a competitive edge over other retail outlets, may provide customers in India the greatest value for their money that can be found anywhere in the country.

Big Bazaar promises the greatest products at the best rates, and they won’t back down. It aspires to provide more products and services for better purchasing.

Retailing may be defined as the practice of marketing products or services directly to end users for the purpose of the end user’s own personal or household usage. This covers a wide variety of different kinds of activities.


Big Bazaar sells things to consumers after buying them in bulk from the producer at a reduced price and adding its profit.

In order to clear off its inventory, Big Bazaar mixes the things that are going slowly with the products that are moving quickly. After that, they provide these packages to customers at a reduced rate and sell them.

Big Bazaar is able to function effectively and make a profit by using pricing as their competitive advantage. Its most important benefits are its unique sales and advertising events, its wide range of products at each store, its large number of stores all over India, and its low prices.

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