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Buying Behaviour and Perception of Consumers on Real Estate Properties

 How do consumers affect real estate decisions

This study looks at the Real estate buying behavior habits and views of people who buy real estate. This study will look at mba project report on real estate buying behaviour how customers decide what to buy and what features a home has. Developers, traders, and owners Preferences and Perceived risks in real estate need to know what Customer satisfaction want and how they think to be able to sell their properties effectively.

This study looks at how economic, sociodemographic, and outside factors affect what people buy. It also looks at how people buy real estate based on price, location, quality, style, and the name of the company.

Through an in-depth look at both direct and secondary data, such as polls and data on market research, the study shows what consumers want, why they want it, and how they feel about it in the real estate business. Surveys and other types of market study were used to get these numbers.

The real estate market relies on how and why people buy homes. This study looks at how people decide what to buy and how they feel about real estate properties. The study looks at economic factors, sociodemographic factors, and how changes in technology have changed how people act and what they think.

Keywords: Buying behaviour, perception, consumers, real estate properties, economic factors, socio-demographic characteristics, digital advancements, price, location, quality, design.


In the introduction,  is a general summary of the research on the purchasing behaviour and perception of customers mba project report on real estate buying behavior properties is presented, along with a discussion of the study’s importance, relevance, and goals.

The real estate business needs to know what people want, what plans they have, and how they make decisions. The economy, social and economic factors, and digital tools used to study and value homes all have an effect on real estate owners.

To market their homes, real estate investors, agents, and owners need to know how people buy homes. Learning out what makes people buy could help businesses meet customer wants. Think about your lifestyle, your salary, and the loan rates.

“Perception,” on the other hand, refers to how real estate buyers evaluate homes based on location, price, quality, design, and developer reputation.Consumer choices are directly influenced by their impressions of the worth and attractiveness of a certain product or service.

This study looks at how and why Customer satisfaction real estate  buy homes. It uses a mix of research methods, like polls, conversations, and market analysis, to get a clear picture of what customers want and how they make decisions.


The following is a list of the goals of this research, which focuses on the purchasing behaviour and perception of customer satisfaction about real estate properties:

  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the variables that influence customer purchasing behaviour in the real estate industry. These elements include economic aspects like income levels, interest rates, and job stability.
  • This research examines how age, number of children, and lifestyle choices affect customer preferences for specific real estate assets.
  • This research examines how online property listings, virtual tours, and digital marketing efforts affect customer behavior and decision-making.
  • To conduct an analysis of the aspects that contribute to the way in which consumers perceive real estate projects. These factors include pricing, location, quality, design, and the reputation of the developer.
  • To understand clients’ Customer satisfaction real estate purchase decisions and the main aspects that influence them.
  • This activity will help real estate partners learn how to approach and connect with clients based on how they buy and what they think.


The literature review looks at all studies and academic papers on buyer behavior and how people feel about real estate properties. It shows the most important results, trends, fears in real estate, and holes in knowledge.

Socio-demographic variables also affect client buying behavior. Age, family size, lifestyle choices, and life stage affect home type, location, and amenities. Families with children may prioritize living near schools and parks, while young professionals may choose urban areas with quick access to services.

Real estate buyers now see it digitally. Internet postings, virtual tours, and online advertising have  how buyers locate and assess houses. Customers investigate, compare, and choose on the internet, according to studies. Online ratings and reviews affect customer decisions.

Despite the extensive research on Preferences in real estate  client behavior and perception, several gaps remain. Cultural values and norms have minimal research on how they affect consumer decisions . New research examines how the environment and energy of mba project report affect real estate customer behavior.


Social and mental variables can change both what home buyers learn as well as how they decide. People are likely to purchase a home if the believe it has value, is popular, and has high social standing.

The research on real estate buyers’ preferences and perceived risks revealed their motivations. The literature yielded key findings. These findings impliment how economic,  emotional, social, and digital aspects influence customer behavior and corporate perceptions.

Psychological and mental factors can affect how and what Preferences and Perceived risks  in real estate   buyers see and how they decide. –Customer satisfaction are more likely to buy a home if they think it has a high value and has a high social standing. Reputation, faith in the product maker all affect how consumers feel about something.

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