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A Study on Gen Z Awareness and Acceptance towards the Electric Two-wheelers with Reference to Bengaluru City

An Investigation into Gen Z’s Knowledge and Adoption of Electric Two-wheelers with Bengaluru City

In Bengaluru, India, the goal of this study is to find out how much Generation Z knows about electric two-wheelers and how they feel about them. The MBA project report focuses on Gen Z awareness and acceptance towards electric two-wheelers in Bengaluru city transportation.

Electric cars have gotten a lot of attention as a possible way to reduce the damaging effects of transportation that relies on fossil fuels. This is because people are becoming more concerned about the climate and the need for clean energy alternatives.  This is because electric two-wheelers are cheap, good for the earth, and work well in cities.

In addition, in-depth interviews will be carried out in order to acquire a more profound understanding of the respondent’s opinions and the factors that motivate them.

The survey found that Bengaluru’s Generation Z knows the most about electric two-wheelers. Electric two-wheelers may not be used as much as they could be because of their price, lack of charge sites, range, and the fact that they look like regular cars with engines that are internal.

This study will give us more information about transportation that is good for the environment. This study looks at trends of understanding and acceptance to help Bengaluru improve its transportation system and make the city more sustainable.

Keywords: Gen Z, awareness, electric two-wheelers, Bengaluru City, sustainable transportation, clean energy, affordability, efficiency, technological advancements.


The growing worries over climate change and the depletion of fossil fuels have brought to light the critical nature of making the switch to environmentally responsible modes of transportation.

In this situation, electric cars (EVs) have become a possible solution because they produce less pollution and don’t need carbon fuels to run like regular cars. Electric two-wheelers have gotten a lot of attention because they are cheap, get good gas mileage, and can be used in cities.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a place to eat, you’ve come to the right place. This is because Gen Z is a big customer group with its own unique traits and tastes. Gen Z is the generation that was born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s.

The city of Bengaluru in India, which is undergoing fast urbanization, is an excellent place for doing research on the level of knowledge and acceptability of electric two-wheelers among the people of Generation Z. The city has a lot of natural problems, with air pollution and traffic jams being the most noticeable.

If Bengaluru residents were encouraged to acquire electric bikes and scooters, they may alleviate some of these issues and make the city cleaner and greener.

This study should give new ideas for green transportation to political leaders, makers, and marketers. This will allow for the development of successful tactics.


  • This research examines Bengaluru’s Generation Z’s knowledge about electric two-wheelers.
  • This research seeks to understand Bengaluru’s Gen Z’s electric two-wheeler preferences.
  • This research seeks to understand why Bengaluru Gen Zers like or dislike electric two-wheelers.
  • This research examines Bengaluru’s Generation Z’s knowledge of electric two-wheelers’ pros and cons.
  • This research will help Bengaluru politicians, manufacturers, and marketers promote electric two-wheelers to Gen Z.

Literature Survey:

Studies have emphasized the distinctive qualities of the Gen Z demographic, including their love for technology, environmental concern, and desire for sustainable practices. One such study focused on the relationship between sustainable practices and the purchasing habits of Gen Z.

Electric two-wheelers are popular with Generation Z since its members want eco-friendly goods and services. These are the future of green transportation. Electric two-wheelers have become a greener alternative to automobiles with internal combustion engines in recent years.

They cost less to run, put out less CO2, and did better on short trips in cities. Research shows that electric two-wheelers may cut down on smog and traffic, making city transportation more environmentally friendly. Gen Z likes electric two-wheelers since they’re cheap and simple to buy.

How many people know and consider electric cars? Several studies have examined what people know and think about electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are growing increasingly popular, yet many people still don’t comprehend them. Adoption has many obstacles. Lack of knowledge, expertise, and charging system concerns are among these factors. It’s crucial to understand Bengaluru’s Generation Z to break through barriers and educate them about electric two-wheelers.

People buy electric cars based on how they look and how well they fit with their ideas and sense of self. By looking at these traits, you can find out how Gen Z in Bengaluru makes choices and supports electric two-wheelers.


The findings of the research conducted in Bengaluru on the knowledge and acceptability of electric two-wheelers among members of Generation Z have major significance for the promotion of sustainable mobility and the transition toward a cleaner and greener urban environment.

The literature review shows how Generation Z cares about the environment and could use electric two-wheelers. The study focuses on Bengaluru city transportation and explores Gen Z’s awareness and acceptance towards it.

Tech-savvy and environmentally conscious Bengaluru Gen Zer’s should know more about electric vehicles. The study admits that to find out why people choose or don’t choose electric two-wheelers. It must examine their knowledge gaps, opinions, and motives.

How people feel about electric two-wheelers, how much they cost, where they can be charged, and how far they can go all play a role in buying choices. In Bengaluru, policies, facilities, and marketing might make it more likely for Gen Zers to buy electric two-wheelers.


This study will help leaders, companies, and marketing come up with tactics that work for Generation Z. This project encourages the use of electric two-wheelers in Bengaluru to cut down on smog, traffic, and carbon emissions.

Getting Generation Z to transition to electric two-wheelers would help Bengaluru achieve a cleaner, greener transportation system. This will benefit the environment and create a more sustainable, liveable city for current and future generations.


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