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The Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Organizational Leadership Styles in SMEs

The Relationship Between Organizational Structure and Organizational Leadership Styles in SMEs


To this day, 99% of all companies in the world are considered to be small or medium sized firms (SMEs), which constitute the backbone of the contemporary economy. Companies in the modern era require dynamic leaders with the wisdom and foresight to steer them through the challenges provided by the increasingly complex and volatile global environment.

Because small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often embedded in economic, social, and environmental contexts where their actions will have far-reaching effects, an appreciation of leadership is crucial not just for the firm but also for the environment in which it operates.


  1. The organizational structure of a corporation specifies the relationships between various departments and employees, as well as their respective duties and responsibilities.
  2. It’s useful for figuring out who answers to whom and who has last said in matters. The departments of a start-up often collaborate in a matrix format.
  3. The purpose of a leadership framework is to define the roles and responsibilities of executives within an organization.
  4. The purpose of any given company’s organizational structure is to facilitate the accomplishment of set goals and the timely and efficient completion of assigned tasks.


Despite the large amount of study on both leadership and SMEs, the connection between the two is lacking in the present literature, and there has been surprisingly little investigation into the connection between leadership styles and management within SMEs that are actively functioning.

This thesis seeks to identify and make sense of leadership styles in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the perspective of firm workers.

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