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The Relationship Between an Organization’s Size and Customer Behavior

The Relationship Between an Organization’s Size and Customer Behavior


Businesses can’t expect to make sales without first knowing customers’ habits and preferences when it comes to purchasing goods and services. These kinds of customers purchase what, and when and how they make those choices, are fundamental topics in the field of consumer behavior.

As a small company owner, you can better meet the demands of your consumers and expand your operations if you have a firm grasp on the channels via which they purchase your goods and services.


  1. This is useful for companies seeking to penetrate untapped consumer subsets or geographic regions.
  2. Researching the causes, mechanisms, and results of many types of human behaviour is a part of this.
  3. values have the potential to emerge as a primary factor explaining and shaping shopper actions.
  4. Businesses may benefit greatly from a thorough understanding of customer behaviour since it leads to more informed product and service development.


Researching customer habits helps businesses plan when, when, and how to best promote their wares. Commercials, social media sites, and other forms of marketing may help make a product like a brand of office supplies more well-known and hence more likely to be purchased by consumers. If, on the other hand, you’re peddling textbooks that are exclusive to grad students, you’re not going to waste time and money on advertisements. Instead, you’ll probably put up posters at grad schools and add grad programs as Facebook friends.

Organizations may get insight into what consumers want in terms of goods and services via studying their behavior. Businesses may more quickly identify an unmet demand when they have a thorough understanding of their consumers’ purchasing habits and the items those customers like.

It’s possible that as the head of a computer firm, you’ve realized that your clientele might utilize an online shop where they can purchase and instantly download academic software, given that many of them make purchases from campus bookstores in the early autumn and early spring.


In-depth responses from your customers regarding their spending habits will provide the most useful data. The best methods to learn about what customers want are via focus groups, surveys, and individual interviews. Offering incentives like entrance into a contest or a discount for completing a survey or taking part in a focus group is an effective way to increase customer involvement in these strategies.

To increase the likelihood of having returning customers, it is helpful to have a firm grasp of how those consumers act in connection to the things you’re selling. For instance, if your restaurant has a loyal clientele that comes for the nutritious cuisine but not the lengthy wait times, you should keep honing the efficiency of your service team.

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