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Advertisement Effect of Television on Children and About Fast Food

Advertisement Effect of Television on Children and About Fast Food


Commercially available foods on television were uniformly unhealthy. Kids sometimes request their parents to buy them products they’ve seen promoted on television whether they’re watching TV or out shopping. Commercials aimed at children often portray unhealthy food choices as appealing and appealingly priced. The article opens by pointing out that there is some evidence that kids’ food tastes are somewhat impacted by advertising they see on TV. We reevaluate this information to determine how demographic variables like age and media literacy level modify the effects of the media on a certain population. Download the impact of fast food development on obesity research paper .

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  1. Commercials on television have been used to promote and sell goods and services to viewers for many years.
  2. There is a wide variety of ad formats, but they all have the same ultimate goal: getting people to purchase the product or service being advertised.
  3. Many businesses rely heavily on television commercials as a component of their overall advertising strategy.
  4. Young adults and teenagers may benefit from exposure to adverts that help them develop a sense of self as consumers, learn about the options available to them, and learn to negotiate their preferences.


Promoting new products and services to consumers is one useful function of advertising. An increase in commercial gain and customer demand may be attributed to the pervasiveness of advertising. Children are being exposed to unhealthy foods via these commercials. Their eating habits, preferences, and what they buy are all being influenced by them. They get their extra energy from munching on snacks while watching TV, therefore food advertising, particularly on TV, has an impact on the kids’ snacking habits and dietary choices.


To sum up, we may argue that the television networks specifically aim to reach youngsters. Food ads may be shown on television channels primarily on weekends during the early morning hours when kids watch too much television, and the marketed foods are often those with high fat and sugar content.

Additionally, it can be noticed through observing children’s behaviors that they eat foods high in fat and sugar while watching television and argue with their parents about purchasing the goods they have seen in commercials. Additionally, it was revealed that the meals that kids most often asked for when shopping were those that were high in fat and sugar and featured prominently in commercials.

This demonstrates how younger children are more influenced by television commercials and how this is reflected in their purchasing habits. In other words, children’s television food advertising have an impact on their eating habits.

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