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Expansion of Blackberry in Retail Market Through Retail Auditing

Expansion of Blackberry in Retail Market Through Retail Auditing


Assure Retailers get several tiers of service support. Blackberry’s largest brand advocates today are its channel partners, who also help the business grow its sales. BlackBerry now emphasizes the smarts in the phone rather than simply the smartphone. This implies that the BlackBerry name and our secure device software will be our primary areas of development and licensing. Instead of continuing to create phone hardware, we will totally rely on other companies to manufacture, market, and support BlackBerry handsets.

This plan will keep BlackBerry-branded products on the market; when you see our logo, you think security—from our industry-leading corporate software to the BlackBerry software-secured products themselves. Since we are in the service-driven sales industry, it is crucial for us to provide our partners with superior service in order to maintain their trust and confidence in us.


  1. In order to fulfill the pricing demands of its rivals, Blackberry has used techniques including improving the quality of its goods, building strong customer connections, and conducting consumer education about its products.
  2. For a few years, BlackBerry had a competitive position with no competitors thanks to the creation of an original product.
  3. By differentiating its products, the firm gained a competitive edge, and BlackBerry rose to become one of the most known and valuable worldwide brands.
  4. In order to improve performance, they deployed specialized server technology to sit between the phone and email systems.


Although we are no longer concentrating on internal device hardware development, our approach is to increase the number of mobile options that are accessible to our customers by making BlackBerry security and productivity software more widely available on a variety of platforms and devices.

Fundamentally, our news signals a shift in how we see the supply chain for mobile devices, which will result in a larger market for our software products. The current news has no bearing on our industry-leading corporate software. Recently, we were pleased to report that BlackBerry received the top scores in all six categories in Gartner’s High-Security Mobility Management Study.


BlackBerry has a history of differentiating its goods and services based on cost. In contrast, the majority of BlackBerry phones cost more money. The corporation use this tactic to emphasize to the market the high quality at which BlackBerry devices are produced.

The BlackBerry phones are marketed at business and professional individuals since its capabilities allowed owners to do a sizable number of office tasks using the devices.

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