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The CRM System in an Organization – a Detailed Analysis

The CRM System in an Organization – a Detailed Analysis


Spencer’s Retail Limited is a multi-format retailer that specializes in serving its target market by stocking a comprehensive selection of high-quality food, personal care, clothing, home furnishings, and technology products. They do this by offering a wide variety of product formats, including in-store and online options. Download best report, project on CRM System in an Organization – a Detailed Analysis they accomplish this goal by providing customers with a selection of store types, which might include shopping malls, shopping centers, and outlet malls.

Spencer’s carries a variety of cleaning goods under the brand name “Clean Home,” as well as a range of convenience and snack foods called “Tasty Wonders,” among other brands. The collective name for each of these lines is “Clean Home.” Spencers has a broad variety of cookware that does not stick to food and is hard anodized under the brand name maroon.

In addition, the store sells plastics and foils under this brand name. The level of familiarity that customers have with a certain brand or product may sometimes be inferred from the degree to which that brand is recognized in the market. A campaign for brand awareness is an initiative that aims to educate people about the benefits of a product and set it apart from the other items that are already available on the market. Over the course of the last few years, there has been a consistent uptick in the significance of making use of social media platforms for marketing purposes.


 “Retailing is its own sector that is different, diversified, and active,” The majority of wealthy countries place a significant amount of economic importance on this endeavor. It brings about scientific breakthroughs, as well as increases in investment and national income, and it stimulates economic growth. It is said that “it provides riches for the economy and job opportunities for people.” “It is a dynamic aspect of our evolving society and a significant contributor to job opportunities.” Since retailing engages in activities at a more extensive level, it is in need of a substantial number of staff to oversee and manage its operations. The provision of products and services at prices that are affordable to consumers and an improvement in their level of life are two further ways that retailing benefits society as a whole. It is possible to look at retailing as a big contribution to the economy as a whole.

Big Bazaar is a shopping mall chain in India that is now owned. From the very beginning, the goal was to ensure that shopping at Big Bazaar was a highly pleasant experience for Indian customers.

The Big Bazaar is not your typical hypermarket in any way. It provides for every one of your family’s requirements. The best value for money that can be found for Indian clients may be found at Big Bazaar, which has a competitive advantage over other retail establishments. They guarantee that Big Bazaar will provide you with the very greatest things at the very best rates, and this promise cannot be broken.



  1. The goal of Big Bazaar, which is a retail chain company, is to achieve the highest possible market share.
  2. The early enterprises of Big Bazaar were founded with the primary goal of establishing a stable and consolidated environment.
  3. They were developed with the purpose of maintaining order. But, given that nothing stays the same in this new period, the most important thing for companies to focus on is their speed and their creativity.


Best project report on CRM System in an Organization – a Detailed Analysis

Our whole company is focused on satisfying the needs and wants of our customers, and I firmly think that in order for us to compete successfully in the bigger consumer market, we will need to continually adapt, advance, and, as a result, be flexible in our business strategies. Consumers are the same everywhere; the only thing that differentiates us is the social structures in which we operate. Their wants, their avarice, and their requirements are all the same. Since the value for money promise is so established in the consciousness of the Indian customer, it is imperative that he be demonstrated actual value on a consistent basis.

As a result, all of our enterprises, both present and future, will inexorably have the end user or customer as their common denominator. While forming all of our partnerships and ties with other businesses, we made sure to focus on the synergies that would result from combining our business and customer offers.

The Great Bazaar in no way resembles the standard format of a hypermarket in any manner. It satisfies each and every one of the needs that your family has. Big Bazaar, which has a competitive edge over other retail outlets, may provide customers in India the greatest value for their money that can be found anywhere in the country. They vow that Big Bazaar will give you with the very finest items at the very best prices, and they are unable to back down from this promise. Because of the ever-growing variety of in-house brands. To add insult to injury, this is only the beginning of everything. To provide its customers with a more satisfying overall shopping experience in the not-too-distant future, Big Bazaar plans to expand the breadth and depth of the products and services it already provides.

Retailing may be defined as the practice of marketing products or services directly to end users for the purpose of the end user’s own personal or household usage. This covers a wide variety of different kinds of activities.


Best project report on CRM System in an Organization – a Detailed Analysis

After purchasing all of the things in bulk from the manufacturer at a reduced price, Big Bazaar then offers them to the customer while adding its margin pricing on top of the original price. Product Bundling: In order to clear its stock, Big Bazaar combines the slow-moving items with the high-moving products. They then offer these bundles to clients at a lower price.

Big Bazaar is able to function effectively and make a profit by using pricing as their competitive advantage. The most significant benefits offered by Big Bazaar are its creative sales and promotional events, its vast assortment of items offered at each retail location, its extensive store network throughout India, and its affordable prices.

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