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Licensing, Franchising, Strategic Cooperation/Alliances, Branding

Licensing, Franchising, Strategic Cooperation/Alliances, Branding


An alliance among two firms that have chosen to pool resources in order to carry out a particular project that would be advantageous to both parties is known as a strategic alliance. An agreement to form a strategic alliance may be able to assist a corporation in the development of a more efficient procedure. A licensor forms a licensing partnership with a licensee in order to provide the licensee the right to sell their wares or perform their services under the licensor’s brand name. Let’s imagine that the government of another country prevents a food snack maker from competing with local vendors of food snacks.Download project report on licensing and franchising pdf.

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  1. Through the formation of strategic alliances, two or more organizations, people, or other entities may collaborate on the pursuit of shared or correlated objectives.
  2. The formation of strategic alliances allows a corporation to enhance its public image, diversify its sources of income, and get access to resources that may be difficult to acquire otherwise.
  3. The relationship between Spotify and Uber is a notable illustration of a strategic alliance in action.
  4. Because of the strategic partnership between the two companies, customers of Uber will now be able to login to Spotify and listen their preferred music while they are riding in an Uber.


Strategic alliances form when businesses want to gain a competitive edge while avoiding the risks associated with an unstable market and an inflexible corporate structure. The paper’s authors differentiate between three criteria, all of which are true of strategic alliances: they foster interdependence between separate economic units, they provide partners with novel benefits in the form of intangible assets, and they obligate each partner to make ongoing contributions to the partnership.


This research has led to the creation of a model for making decisions on how to engage a company’s strategic alliance’s stakeholder group. The model may be used to evaluate how strategic partnerships modify the nature of a company’s stakeholder relationships. Inference rule bases are used to determine the best tactics for communication between an organization and its many stakeholder groups. In doing so, we account for changes in the nature of alliances and in the way an organization’s stakeholders see their relationship with it. The model lacks precise definitions for both sets of traits.

It is shown that distinct parts of the resource exchange between an organization and its stakeholders may be evaluated according to their relationship characteristics. To account for the shift in stakeholder expectations that occurs when a company forms a strategic partnership, it is intended to refine this model in the near future.

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