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Government Policy and Entrepreneurship

Government Policy and Entrepreneurship


Policies promoting entrepreneurship should aim to lower the obstacles that prevent people from starting firms, but they shouldn’t push those who aren’t cut out for it to launch ventures that won’t be successful or provide financial assistance to new enterprises that don’t need it. Many of the effects of policies pertaining to entrepreneurship tend to take place over extended periods of time. The level of assistance offered by a country’s government is another factor that may make or break the success of an organization. Download best project on government policy and entrepreneurship.Get best reports on government policy and entrepreneurship.

On the one hand, the state’s rules have the potential to make the environment more favorable and less cumbersome for commercial operations. On the other hand, the state’s regulations have the potential to be a key restricting factor in the founding and growth of businesses. In an economy based on entrepreneurship, the state does not participate as an entrepreneur but rather has the responsibility of ensuring that every economic endeavor is shielded by the full power of the law.

It is not the role of the state, its institutions, or its officials to exercise executive authority; rather, they are seen as an essential administrative function for the operation of successful businesses. Their roles require them to foster an environment that is conducive to business and offer assistance in business growth to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To accomplish this, they must foster legislation, improve institutional capacities, provide adequate economic policy measures, and build the necessary infrastructure.

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  1. Developing environments that are conducive to the launch and growth of new businesses and facilitating the expansion of current companies via the introduction of innovative goods and services into previously untapped markets
  2. With the implementation of conducive fiscal policies, a physically enabling infrastructure, the provision of educational opportunities and sources of knowledge, and the promotion of business incubators,
  3. The reasons why things are to be done in a specific manner and why are laid forth in the policies of the government.
  4. The policy of a government establishes a plan of action, which serves as a point of departure for change.
  5. They have the ability to influence matters such as the level of taxes paid by the community, the legal standing of immigrants, pensions, parking penalties, and even educational opportunities.


However, failures in the economy, in institutions, and in people’s behaviors create barriers to entrepreneurial activity. There are other difficulties, such as barriers to entry in sectors that already have significant incumbents, administrative fees that are connected with establishing a firm, and information flaws in financial markets, which generate liabilities of newness and smallness.

In order to ensure that society continues to reap the economic and social advantages of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to overcome the sorts of obstacles described above via the implementation of entrepreneurship policy.


Being an entrepreneur exposes you to exciting new experiences and may be one of the most satisfying things you ever do in your life. When it’s working well, it may open up big doors that lead to successful prospects. At the very least, it makes possible the kind of learning and growth opportunities that, in the absence of these opportunities, are very unlikely to arise. Entrepreneurs create new markets by launching novel and enhanced versions of existing goods, services, and technological platforms.

As a result, they contribute to the creation of new wealth and increase overall levels of national income. In order for the government to be able to provide the people with a greater number of national benefits.

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