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Role of The Unions and Their Impact on Organizational Productivity and Worker Satisfaction

Role of The Unions and Their Impact on Organizational Productivity and Worker Satisfaction


Unions exist to serve the economic interests of its members by negotiating on their behalf over terms and conditions of employment. This is accomplished via the collective bargaining process. People join unions in order to improve their working conditions as well as to boost the benefits they get from their job. Download report on the organizational productivity and worker satisfaction.

Job unhappiness and the assumption that the union would be able to enhance one’s work life by assuring greater earnings and benefits, job security, and protection against arbitrary and unfair treatment are the two primary factors that influence a person’s decision to vote for the union.

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  1. Protecting and advancing the economic and professional welfare of a trade union’s members is one of the organization’s primary focuses.
  2. The vast majority of labour unions are not affiliated with any one business. Trade unions, on the other hand, make efforts to cultivate tight working ties with employers.
  3. The efficient operation of trade unions may lead to increased levels of employee contentment.
  4. Therefore, trade unions contribute to the reduction of absenteeism and lab or turnover rates, as well as the development of organized grievance resolution processes, which ultimately leads to harmonious workplace relations.


The role of the employee in the workplace is the primary emphasis of the union’s survey on job satisfaction. Therefore, according to the literature assessment, job satisfaction is defined as emotional orientations on the part of people toward work positions which they are now filling. One of the definitions of work satisfaction that is offered the most often is the one supplied by whom job satisfaction is said to have to do with the manner in which individuals feel about their job and the many components of it. This definition is frequently mentioned.


Numerous research have come to the conclusion that employees who are represented by unions report lower levels of job satisfaction than those who are not represented by unions. The “exit-voice” explanation of this phenomenon states that dissatisfied nonunion workers tend to quit their jobs, whereas dissatisfied union workers tend to remain in their jobs and express their complaints through a variety of voice mechanisms that are provided by their union. This phenomenon is observed in the United States.

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