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Cultural, Cross-cultural and Gender Issues

Cultural, Cross-cultural and Gender Issues


Researchers have been forced to reconsider how they approach research difficulties as a result of gender concerns. In this study, some of these challenges, along with the methodological concerns that they raise, are discussed. This article provides a brief overview of some recent comparative studies on the social and cultural construction of gender and recommends a few potential study areas in this area.Get Reports on Cultural cross-cultural and gender issues.

It is common practice in many different cultures to assign gender roles of female or male to infants and children at the time of birth. However, there is also a significant amount of cultural diversity in regard to the number of gender categories that are recognized as well as the degree to which gender fluidity is accepted.

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  1. Be able to articulate how culture may be characterized
  2. Have a solid understanding of the many levels at which cultural differences in gender and diversity interactions are studied
  3. Be able to take a critical stance on the many approaches used in cross-cultural study on diversity
  4. Have the ability to use deconstruction to uncover implicit diversity prejudices in organizational documents
  5. Have the ability to uncover latent diversity imbalances in texts that seem to be impartial


A literature analysis of a study that investigated persons from a range of different cultures found that heterosexual men and women have pretty different preferences when it comes to their sexual partners. The finding gives support to the arguments put up by evolutionary psychologists, who contend that the difference may be traced back to the actions of selecting forces over the course of history.

How both women and men think that their coworkers, including themselves, have been influenced by these cultures, as well as how these cultures continue to perpetuate preconceptions about “women and work” that have been around for a long time. Gender cultures have an effect on the decisions and behaviors that men and women choose to engage in when they are at work.


Inequality between both the males and females leads to discrimination, promotes the continuation of harmful gender stereotypes, and prevents women and men, girls and boys from reaching their full potential in the workplace, at home, and in society as a whole, with the brunt of the burden falling disproportionately on the shoulders of women and girls.

The concept of gender is present in every aspect of cultural life. Culture, which is an inherent component of communities, offers a one-of-a-kind place in which gender roles and social norms are continually questioned, challenged, reaffirmed, and recreated.

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