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Implementation of ERP in Sarala Industries

Adoption of ERP in Sarala Industries

In this sketch, the made-up business Sarala Industries used ERP. In the case study, the issues, solutions, and results of installing ERP are looked at. Implementation of ERP system in Sarala Industries, resulting in improved processes, increased efficiency, decision-making and strategy.

ERP helped Sarala Industries improve and connect company operations across departments, which increased operating speed, decision-making, and growth. The company changed its different old systems with a single ERP system to make it easier for people to get information and ERP implementation strategy talk to each other, and work together.

Sarala Industries introduced ERP in steps, starting with selecting a good ERP service and moving on to careful planning, system setup, data transfer, user training, and help after deployment. Finances, estimates, procurement, inventories, production planning, sales & marketing, and human resources were managed using the ERP system.

The ERP system was very helpful to Sarala Industries. The group improved teamwork, process understanding, data quality, and the way it used its resources. Data-driven ideas improved the way orders were managed and delivered, cut costs for the company, and made customers happy.

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Sarala Industries, operational efficiency, integration, change management, ERP implementation strategy.


ERP systems are used by companies in many different industries to automate company operations, join data, and make their companies more efficient. This method makes it easier to make decisions, increase output, manage resources, and make sure users are happy.

ERP is used by Sarala Industries, a made-up company that makes things. This introduction focuses on ERP and the goals of performance.

Sarala Industries, a large manufacturer, needs to modernize its IT systems to solve business issues and develop. Thus, a unified ERP system was needed to consolidate data, simplify operations, and provide real-time information to make effective decisions.

Sarala Industries needed ERP to address these issues and increase performance. ERP simplified core business tasks. Supplying, stockpiling, planning, marketing, distributing, and managing human resources were crucial.

To deploy ERP, Sarala Industries had to plan, manage projects, handle adjustments, and engage with a qualified ERP vendor. The organization recognized adoption would be difficult since individuals don’t like change, it’s hard to clean up and standardize data, link systems, and split resources.


Streamline Business Processes: The main goal was to standardize, organize, and simplify the basic business processes across all of the company’s divisions.

Understanding the main business processes The ERP installation project sought real-time input into critical company operations to enhance operational effectiveness.

Integrate Data and Systems: Sarala Industries wanted to replace its ad-hoc systems with an ERP system. To get rid of data gaps and encourage teamwork between departments, there needed to be smooth merging and uniform data across departments.

ERP makes it easier to manage the supply chain. The main goal of Sarala Industries was to control the supply chain. Improve sales and marketing, make production planning, inventory management, and buying easier, and improve production planning.

Improve how you deal with customers One of the reasons for installing ERP was to improve customer relationship management. This was to be done by combining information about customers and making order handling better.

Organizational Growth: Ultimately, the ERP system was put in place to help Sarala Industries reach its growth goals.

Literature Survey:

Essential success elements For a successful ERP deployment: The research reveals how critical certain ERP setup success criteria. Some of these elements are strong senior backing and strong management, effective change management, clear project goals and targets, proper training and user contact, careful partner selection, and thorough planning and project management.

ERP installations are difficult and might be met with a wide variety of obstacles and hazards because of their complexity. One of the most common problems is employees who don’t want to change.

Change Management: Change management is an essential component of ERP solutions. In the research that has been done, it has been emphasized how important it is to have effective change management methods in order to overcome resistance to change.

Choosing the Right ERP Vendor and Forming a Solid collaboration: Choosing the appropriate ERP vendor and forming a solid collaboration is essential to achieving a successful installation.


Sarala Industries believed a single ERP system would improve productivity, decision-making, and teamwork. An ERP system improved procedures, decision-making, and strategy at Sarala Industries.

The ERP implementation strategy aimed to simplify corporate operations, enhance operational efficiency, make better choices, consolidate systems and data, improve supply chain management, customer relationship management, and company growth.

Studies have pointed out the benefits of putting in place an ERP system. Some of the possible benefits are more output, lower prices, easier processes, and better merger.

It also focuses on success factors like strong leadership, managing change, project goals, user participation, and choosing a provider.

The books and articles that are now available could help production companies that are putting up ERP in a way similar to what Sarala Industries did.


Sarala Industries put in place an ERP system, which led to better processes, more efficient decision-making, and a better overall strategy. ERP would give the company a competitive edge in a field that changes quickly, allowing for long-term growth and expansion.

Sarala Industries’ adoption of ERP is a big step toward digital change. This helps the manufacturing sector work better, be more efficient, and be more competitive. Using literature lessons and installation problems, Sarala Industries could benefit from a well-done ERP system.

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