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Impact of Business Analytics on Enterprise

How does business analytics benefit a business

Businesses can make better decisions when they use data to learn about customer needs, competitors’ strategies, and industry trends. Data can help businesses improve and reach their strategy goals. Data-driven innovation in operations with analytics enterprise success insights for strategic growth and enhancing overall performance.

In the age of “big data” business analytics have gotten better, which has helped groups come up with new ideas. Now, these chances are available because of big data. Business analytics helps businesses make new goods and improve the ones they already have.

However, few studies have examined how Business Analytics aids a company’s ability to generate new concepts. Even though Business Analytics has existed for a very long time, this remains true.

This research project will examine Business Analytics and creative cognition from a theoretical and empirical perspective to bridge this knowledge gap. Building a study model using absorptive capacity theory achieves this purpose.

“Absorptive capacity theory” explains a company’s ability to notice and exploit fresh information from outside sources to fulfill its business goals.

Keywords: Business Analytics, Enterprise, ERP

Introduction to benefits of business analytics on business:

The relationship between information technology (IT) and organizational innovation, with a focus on how IT can increase knowledge capacities and how it boosts corporate innovation.

Big Data and Business Analytics (BA) are one of the latest information technology advances that firms may leverage to update their operations. This is one of the most recent innovations. Data-driven innovation in operations with analytics enterprise success insights for strategic growth and enhancing overall performance.

Businesses have to come up with new ideas to keep up with changing customer tastes, technology, market frameworks, and market trends.

This is because customer habits change and technology moves forward. It is important to find out if, how, and how much BA helps creativity.

Is BA creative?
Despite technology making management accountants more efficient and effective, management procedures have not changed much over time, according to research.

This project will develop and test a model to explain business analysis (BA) and product or service development. The goal is to fill the research gap that has been pointed out.

objective on benefits of business analytics on business:

  • The goal is to find out what business data can do for a company.
  • To learn about business analytics tools and their uses.
  • To look into how this change has affected how the business works and how much money it makes.
  • To learn more about the problems and limits that come with using business analytics in companies.

Literature review:

Business analytics, often known as BA, has been around for a long time, but its growing ability to evaluate vast volumes of data made it a major academic concern just lately. Big data is the reason. Rising computer power caused this insight.

Because there is a lack of theory that links analytics to innovation, there is no clear path for managers to follow in their day-to-day work. As a direct result of this lack of theory, there is an absence of direction. Data-driven innovation in operations with analytics enterprise success insights for strategic growth and enhancing overall performance.

Despite organizations using business analytics more, this remains true. To be more explicit, most innovation process models do not incorporate data collection, analysis, or usage.

Business analysis and innovation involve both theory and actual evidence. Many firms are still trying to figure out how, when, and where to employ business analytics to make money.

Others studies like:

BA can deal with Big Data by doing detailed, prediction, and prescriptive research. This is made possible by Hadoop and cloud services. This helps BA solve problems with a lot of info. Because of this, Business Analysis and OR (Operational Research) are alike.

Management accountants are being asked to do more and more things, like evaluate how well their organizations are doing and give management information that can be used to influence decisions.


The purpose of this study is twofold: first, to investigate how enterprise systems, big data, and data analytics may have an impact on managerial accounting;

second, to give a plan for putting business analytics methods into a company system so that the balanced score card (BSC) can be used to measure business success.

This research will achieve both aims. This study will cover both goals. This article’s discourse will address both aims. Data-driven innovation in operations with analytics enterprise success insights for strategic growth and enhancing overall performance.

There is evidence that business analytics has changed management accounting. Business analytics caused these changes.

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