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Accessing Acceptance and Usage Level of BNPL Apps Among The B School

Study On Accessing Acceptance and Usage Level of BNPL Apps Among The B School

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) applications demonstrate how swiftly financial technology is moving to simplify customer transactions. These apps let users buy things and pay for them in payments, which is flexible and easy. Exploring Study On Accessing Acceptance and Usage Level of BNPL Apps Among The B School in MBA project reports.

This study examines how business school students who like new financial products use BNPL apps. The research employed mixed methodologies. First, B-school students were asked about BNPL applications.

A small selection of survey respondents was interviewed about their BNPL app experiences, ambitions, and concerns. Conversations revealed varied perspectives and revealed why individuals enjoy or detest certain applications.

Initial results show that B-school students know a fair amount about BNPL apps. Many students have bought everything from electronics and clothes to travel and fun with these apps.

The ability to split payments and avoid big bills right away was the main reason why people started using them. BNPL applications for cash flow and expenditure were very popular.

Keyword: Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), financial technology, acceptance, usage levels, business school students, knowledge, image, motives, and worries.

Introduction to Study On Accessing Acceptance of BNPL Apps :

In the past few years, financial technology has changed how financial deals are done. A common idea is the BNPL program. These apps let people buy things and pay for them in payments, which makes it easier to stick to a budget.

B-school students are tech-savvy and open to new financial technology. Because of this, BNPL apps could change their spending and saving habits. It’s interesting that B-school students have downloaded and use the BNPL app.

Understanding their ideas, motivations, and worries regarding these applications might reveal their use patterns and influences. Financial technology companies and governments must understand this user group’s requirements to develop effective strategies.

This study looks at how and why B-school students use and adopt the BNPL app. The study looks at how they know about, feel about, and use these apps to find out how they make decisions.

The poll will also look at how B-school students use, like, and worry about the BNPL app. A group of B-school students will fill out a study form to find out how well they know about, accept, and use the technology. The study will also ask how people use the BNPL app and what they think its pros and cons are.

Objectives on Usage of BNPL Apps in B School:

  • To measure B-school students’ awareness of BNPL applications, features, and functions.
  • To assess B-school students’ adoption of BNPL applications and the variables that influence their choice.
  • To understand B-school students’ BNPL app use, including purchase kinds, frequency, and average transaction amounts.
  • To identify B-school students’ concerns and possible downsides with BNPL app use, including interest rates, hidden fees, privacy, and data security.

Literature review:

Financial Technology Adoption: Mobile payment applications and internet banking have been studied. Perceived utility, simplicity of use, trust, and social influence increase adoption, according to studies. These data explain how B-school students use BNPL applications.

Buy Now, Pay Later applications: BNPL applications allow users to make purchases without full payment, disrupting established payment processes.

BNPL applications may boost retail sales and attract new consumers, according to research. However, research have highlighted worries regarding BNPL app expenditures and financial vulnerability.

Consumer Behavior and Financial Decision Making: Financial technology adoption and use depend on consumer behavior and decision-making. Perceived risk, trust, financial literacy, and subjective standards have been studied in consumer financial services behavior.

These studies reveal psychological and social elements that may affect B-school students’ use of BNPL applications. Study On Accessing Acceptance and Usage Level of BNPL Apps Among The B School in MBA project reports.

B-school Students and Technology Adoption: B-school students are early users of new technology and have unique preferences. B-school students are open to accept new technologies, highly digitally literate, and anticipate smooth user experiences, according to study. These results imply B-school students may use BNPL applications differently.


This research investigated how successfully B-school students utilize Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) applications. The research examined how people learned about these applications, how they saw them, what pushed them to use them, and what worried them.

By concentrating on business school students, this study adds to financial technology use research. Most B-school students have used BNPL applications to purchase products, according to the statistics. Most people started using them because they could split payments and keep track of cash flow.

Some students worry about overspending, interest rates, hidden fees, privacy, and data security. These concerns demonstrate the need for increased transparency, user education, and laws to ensure responsible internet usage and consumer protection.

Finally this study demonstrates:

B-school students who didn’t trust banks or concerned about their long-term finances preferred normal payment methods or alternative means to receive money. These findings demonstrate the importance of understanding B-school students’ preferences while developing and marketing BNPL applications.

This research helps BNPL app developers enhance user experiences, fix difficulties, and satisfy B-school students’ demands. These findings may help regulators safeguard consumers and promote ethical usage of BNPL applications. Exploring Study On Accessing Acceptance and Usage Level of BNPL Apps Among The B School in MBA project reports.

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