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Employee Satisfaction Towards Facilitates Provided by the Organization

Study of employee satisfaction towards facilitates provided by the organization

The goal of this activity is to ascertain whether or not the company is effective in satisfying the requirements of its staff members by providing welfare conveniences. When we look back on the history of welfare facilities for workers in a business, we see that they have always played a critical role in increasing staff morale. The many welfare programs that are in place in every firm offer a boost to the employee and employer relations, which in turn helps the company as a whole. In this paper, a study of employee satisfaction towards facilitates provided by the organization has been done.

Because of this, workers experience lower levels of job dissatisfaction and report higher levels of corporate loyalty. The availability of the facilities will be beneficial to the company since they will encourage workers to remain employed there. This entails making the necessary preparations to provide safety against potentially dangerous gadgets, severe temperatures, and the extinguishing of flames. Researching the company’s health policies and practices may help the company meet the needs of its workers.

Keywords: Organization, welfare facility, employee satisfaction, employee satisfaction, the influence of welfare facilities.


Measures taken to protect workers welfare are of the utmost importance for any and all individuals who are employed by a business or other organization. If an employer takes responsibility for providing some of the employee welfare benefits that are legally due to their employees. It will be much simpler to keep the workplace in a healthy state.

The phrase “welfare of employees” may be interpreted in a number of different ways, one of which is as an endeavor to provide workers a reason to continue living. The well-being of employees is an important part of social support for many reasons, some of which are reasonable and practical. The provision of a variety of social services to employees is now considered standard practice across all industries. Cooperation between workers is needed to get more work done and make more money. The only way to ensure labor force collaboration is to ensure employee satisfaction with their employer and the welfare measures supplied by an organization.


  • To carry out study on the degree of contentment experienced by employees on the welfare services provided.
  • To determine the extent to which the needs of the employees are being met in the current state of affairs.
  • To conduct research on the numerous aspects that contribute to the happiness of the workforce.
  • To conduct research on the relationship between an organization’s employee welfare and its level of job satisfaction.
  • To investigate the connection between providing employee wellbeing amenities and high levels of job satisfaction.


The research, on the other hand, did not investigate how factors related to the quality of one’s work life, or, to put it another way, employee welfare facilities for workers, affect one’s level of contentment in their current position. In addition, the study did not look at how individual variables, organizational hierarchy had a role.

That employee welfare policies improve corporate productivity, develop excellent industrial relations, and maintain industrial peace. In all fields, it is normal practice to offer a range of social perks to keep workers interested and motivated. Several things and practices, some required by law and some not, are in place to keep workers happy.

Improved canteen facilities, adequate drinking water, clean toilets, clean and sanitary washrooms, health insurance, an employee assistance program, better sitting facilities to increase job satisfaction. Because of this, it is far less difficult for a business to enjoy quick growth.


The conclusion of the paper, a study of employee satisfaction towards facilitates provided by the organization stated that India’s “literal industrial policy” encourages modernization and technological improvement to make the industrial sector more competitive on the local and international markets. As a result, businesses have an obligation to raise output through enhancing the well-being of their workforce.

Even the most technically advanced and industrially advanced processes still rely on people to be productive. It would make a big difference in how well the company did as a whole. They were used to the greatest capacity of their capabilities while also being guided in the proper way.

Results of the study

It is finally possible to draw the conclusion that the employee welfare facilities for workers given by the organization to workers are satisfactory, and although this is laudable, there is still room for the organization to make additional improvements in this area. In order for the group to become more skilled at creating things and get closer toward achieving its objectives.


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