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Effective Leadership Styles in a Contemporary SME Firm

Effective Leadership Styles in a Contemporary SME Firm


The concept that the applicability of leadership theories to small and medium-sized businesses (also known as SMEs) is an essential component of efficient management prompted the author to conduct this literature evaluation. Because using a suitable leadership style makes it possible for the management of a SME to make progress and be successful in reaching organizational.

In this academic analysis, the ideas of leadership and leadership styles, as well as the significance of these topics to the enhancement of management practices for SMEs, are investigated. It starts with a brief introduction to the definition and idea of leadership, and then it moves on to an analysis of the many leadership styles that are often applicable to the management of SMEs.


  1. As a result, they need to depend on the expertise and experience of other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
  2. They often face difficulties in gaining approval from influential SMEs in the area.
  3. When they make difficult judgments, their authority is sometimes called into doubt due to the fact that they are typically the least informed person in the room.
  4. They often choose a SME for counsel, which leads to an unhealthy dependency on a single person, which in turn causes numerous problems.


On the other hand, they often lack exposure to topics that are not related to their expertise. It is possible that they are not the best available alternative when the task involves many fields of expertise and calls for cooperation and coordination with other organizations.

Working in a single field tends to make one’s brain process very specialized to that field, and it also renders one lacking in variety and diversity. Because they are experts in the industry, they often do not contact other SMEs for a wider perspective, and as a result, their errors are rarely caught and corrected.

They have difficulty adjusting when their portfolio is reorganized, and they find themselves in charge of something new with which they have never been involved.


At various points in their careers, these leaders have gained experience working in a variety of technologies and fields. They could be familiar with a wide variety of technologies and disciplines, but their expertise is likely to be superficial at best. They operate their company with common sense supported by knowledge and cleverness.

When properly put into practice, the use of common sense may really account for a significant portion of what we do, which is an interesting fact.

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