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Customer Satisfaction Level Towards After Sales Service at ABC Motors

Customer Satisfaction Level Towards After Sales Service at ABC Motors


ABC Motors private limited supplies every respectable organization which goes to considerable efforts to guarantee customer satisfaction. After-sale support is one of the most important components in client satisfaction. After-sale support prevents unhappy and angered customers from taking their emotions out on the product and its creators. The micro-level study customer satisfaction through after sales service examines customers’ satisfaction with automobile manufacturers’  even after the vehicle sales services.

The major focus of this research is on the after-sale service that “ABC Motors private limited” provides for its customers. Consumer satisfaction was studied in many after-sale service categories. This article presents the results of a field-based customer satisfaction survey that assessed the “Alcon Hyundai” servicing Centre in Goa, India’s ability to meet customers’ after-sales servicing needs. In order to obtain the information required for the research, a comprehensive questionnaire is used. It comprises customer comments regarding the service that they got, such as their thoughts on the service team, the price of service, how long it took to perform the maintenance, and other similar topics.

After-sales service is any help that is given to a customer after they have bought the product or service in question. Businesses use after-sale support as a marketing technique because it often leads to more satisfied customers, brand loyalty, and even word-of-mouth advertising.

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The amount of happiness a customer has with a company’s services can be measured by whether or not the services meet or exceed the standards of the customer. Customers’ happiness with a company is simply a number that the customer gives after buying and using the service. That is essentially the “fulfillment” reaction that a consumer gives. This reaction may include excess fulfilling or lack fulfilment. Customer happiness is the emotional response a company gets from its customers. The higher the amount of happiness that a company’s customers report, the greater.

It is probable that the customer will return to the store and make more purchases. I would recommend their business to anybody seeking the vendor’s advantages. Customer satisfaction depends on product or service quality. Satisfaction is a person’s feelings of pleasure or happiness.

In the event that the performance is above expectations, the consumer is very content or thrilled. Marketers have realized that it is often more lucrative to provide customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations to keep their current clients rather than finding new ones to replace them with customers.


Keeping the clients, we already had necessitated that we provide them with pleased with both the purchase and the results of using the product. As a result, ensuring that consumers are happy is one of the company’s top priorities marketers. Product manufacture, technical advancement, marketing, scientific and technical aspects of goods and services, marketer’s ability to make commitments on timeliness, cost, quality, and performance, reaction to consumer issues, after-delivery services, complaint handling, etc. can affect customer satisfaction.

Most of the things listed above can be put into two groups. Engineering and technology traits include a product’s or service’s technical make-up, quality, price, and how it works. The next level is made up of the top managers, extra staff, and practical tasks like customer service, repair, and handling complaints.

It is quite unlikely that the marketer will be able to supply all of the information aforesaid characteristics. Unfavorable characteristics of the product or service that will have an affect degree of satisfaction of the consumer base.

Support after the sale is an important part of any marketing plan deal that goes well. This kind of service includes replacing broken parts, among other things. When the product was sold, upkeep that was easy and cheap was bought and is now being used. Because of this, there is a need for these services so that the product of the maker doesn’t make customers unhappy, frustrated, or angry.


  • When a customer needs help after buying a product or service, this is called “after-sales service.”
  • Businesses utilize after-sale help to boost customer happiness, brand loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Customer experience management attempts to improve every customer interaction with your brand utilizing ABC motors.


The customer is dissatisfied if the performance falls below their expectations, satisfied if it meets their expectations, and extremely, very, or happy if it exceeds them.

Excellent after-service sales increase the amount of pleased customers who will promote your firm. A study of marketers found that 65% of new business comes from recommendations. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that the service you give to your present customers is good.

Client pleasure increases client loyalty, which increases financial benefit, according to various studies. According to previous study, satisfied customers may increase a business’s profitability by referring new customers and generating positive word-of-mouth.


After-sales service helps your business meet or surpass customer expectations. After-sales service may improve customer satisfaction in various ways. Customer service after the sale can strengthen the relationship between a business and its users.

ABC Motors is essential to provide after-sale support in order to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business. It has the potential to improve both brand loyalty and value. Consumers are more inclined to trust the brand, stay connected, and favorably promote the business and its products and services. A company’s revenue increases when customers promote it. Service after the sale has the potential to build a close relationship between a business and its clientele.

Customers want more than a good offer, thus this market is quite competitive. Consumers expect firms to meet their needs and quickly resolve any issues with the items and services they purchased. Outstanding after-sale service has grown, and its quality may even influence client purchases.

A good after-sale service could lead to upselling, cross-selling, and even a rise in your company’s total sales. Customers who are happy with your service may be more likely to tell others about it if you provide good after-sales care.


“Customer satisfaction” is a way to measure how happy a customer is with a business’s goods or services. It means that customers are becoming more loyal and that the value of the brand is going up. When customers leave a store happy and pleased, they are more likely to tell their friends about it. In recent years, keeping customers happy has become an important part of any long-term business plan in a very competitive field.

It is also suggested that more changes can be made and so that could help ABC Motors private limited run better can be found. It will play a significant role in the development of a powerful brand image for ABC Motors private limited.

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