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A Study Customer Perception of Mobile Phone Service refers to BSNL

A Study Customer Perception of Mobile Phone Service refers to BSNL

Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards BSNL Mobile

A measurement that measures how pleased consumers are with a product or service is referred to as ¬†Customer Perception of Mobile Phone Service on BSNL. goods, services, and skills offered by the firm. Information on the level of satisfaction experienced by customers, including surveys and A company’s ratings may be helpful in determining how the company’s goods and services might be improved or altered for the better.

Customer attitude towards bsnl telecom is a statistic that may be used to quantify how well a product, service, or experience has been received by customers affected a client in some way. One of the terms used in marketing is customer satisfaction.

Component of the telecommunications business. The perception of the customer is the principal objective of each and every commercial enterprise. As the fast transformation of the commercial landscape for the full. The client is both the beginning and the finish of the transaction operations.

Customers attitudes are essential to a public-facing company’s success. It relies on apparent dependability, assurance, higher service quality, empathy, etc. Customer attitude towards bsnl telecom examined consumer attitudes, including satisfaction, causes, effects, and solutions for the intelecom industry.

Keywords: Mobile service, customer satisfaction, how to improve telecommunication service BSNL

Major strategies to improve BSNL customer service

  1. Successful marketing strategies are created by combining the elements of the services marketing mix, namely product, price, location, promotion, people and process.
  2. Product-Major Strategies to improve bsnl customer service providers also reflect their service quality and brand value.
  3. The way a business sets its prices has a direct effect on how much money it makes and how much it brings in. Even though the price of a good or service is just its trade value, the way it is priced depends on what the goals of pricing are. Different service companies have different goals when they set prices.


  • The goal of this research is to learn how customers feel about and what they think about BSNL’s offerings.
  • Check in on how happy your customers are with your service.
  • The goal is to learn how people feel about landline vs mobile phone service.
  • The purpose of this study is to assess the extent to which mobile and landline service users are satisfied.
  • Principal approaches to enhancing the quality of service provided to BSNL customers
    happiness and feedback will be analyzed in detail.

Literature Review BSNL customer service

As a result of advances in science and technology, as well as in research and development, the globe has become more accessible in recent decades. The new technology alters the way people live so that the changing environment can accommodate their social requirements. The more immediate means of communication that can respond to unexpected shifts in the corporate environment. When I was growing up, having a telephone was a sign of affluence and sophistication, but now even the poorest people have access to telephone service, and mobile phones are commonplace.

BSNL service in India has brought contemporary connection to even the most remote locations. Since deregulation, many private operators have improved infrastructure, focusing on client demands. You’ve likely experienced issues with your cell provider’s coverage, service quality, new pricing plans, or value-added services.
The purpose of this research is to learn how customers see BSNL.

So, it is very important for the supplier of the service to have a solid understanding of the effect that different demographic characteristics have on the degree of perception and pleasure of the clients in order to earn their affection. This research may be of use to BSNL with regard to their efforts to improve the overall quality of the services that they provide.


The majority of respondents are satisfied with BSNL mobile services. Word of mouth must be used by customers to keep them and raise awareness of mobile service portability. Loyal customers tend to be the ones who are the most content of all customers.

How to improve telecommunication service BSNL?

Telephone companies may retain consumers by making digital customer service channels more useful and simpler to use. Also, AI tools and data analytics can help BSNL company to improve the customer experience and become data-driven businesses.

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