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Consumer Buying Behavior During Festival Seasons in Vadodara


Vadodara Christmas shopping shows consumer behavior. Budgeting, shopping, marketing, and holidays are examples. Prices fluctuated. Marketers may target Vadodara locals and profit on peak season sales by understanding Christmas shopping habits price sensitivity during festive marketing. Consumer Buying Behavior During Festival festival shopping trends In Vadodara shopping trends Seasons in Vadodara. consumer spending habits. festive seasons marketing strategies.

Consumers find, buy, use, judge, and turn down products and services that meet their needs. Consumer behavior is the study of how people use their time, money, energy, and other resources to buy things. consumer spending habits.

During the Christmas season in many nations, the research examines consumer behavior with electronic items. A face-to-face interview, questionnaire survey, and hypothesis test analytic design were used here.

These developments have created new consumer categories and increased debt acceptance. Commercial loans are growing rapidly. In a changing market, price sensitivity, competition is fierce.

Keywords: Festival Season, Consumer Behavior


Festival shopping trends sales have boosted sales. Festival season is when every company showcases their products, whether they’re new or stock clearance items at deep prices. Flipkart’s Big Billion Days and Amazon’s Great Indian Shopping Festival are examples of big-ticket promotions offered by most online retailers. India’s largest shopping festival is Diwali.

Promoting a product or service involves informing, persuading, or influencing consumers or users. Promotion has three objectives. Marketers educate consumers, users, and dealers. Promotion motivates customers. This is part of a solid four-component marketing mix. festival pricing.

Promo deals are meant to boost sales right away. “Sales promotion” is a broad term for a wide range of marketing techniques and reward programs aimed at consumers and businesses to increase sales. Consumers find, buy, use, judge, and turn down products and services that meet their needs.Consumer Buying Behavior During Festival Seasons in Vadodara.

Consumer behavior includes searching for, buying, using, evaluating, and discarding items and services they expect to meet their needs. It examines how individuals choose to spend their time, money, and effort on consumption-related items. This covers what people buy, why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, how frequently they buy it, how often they use it, how they assess it after the purchase, how such evaluations affect future purchases, and how they dispose of it.


Discovering how consumers react to a product over the holidays and whether they are interested in making a purchase are two goals of a holiday survey.

• To learn the immediate and future gains from satisfied customers.

• To ascertain the relative impact of alternative strategies and price sensitivity.


Consumer behavior changes constantly. Digital technology gives customers more possibilities for buying products and services. To satisfy clients, firms must provide things that meet their needs. Customer purchase behaviors are complex and ever-changing.

Dholakia and Morwitz (2002) noted that customer happiness affects buying, loyalty, and switching behavior festival shopping trends in Vadodara. Unsatisfied customers may damage the company’s reputation and consumer base. The previous discussion suggests that investigating the relationship between customer switching price sensitivity during festive marketing intention and present customer pleasure is crucial.

Customers in the 21st century want more than just a sale from the people they buy from. Because of the COVID-19 virus and the end-of-2019 global shutdown, luxury companies couldn’t improve their customers’ offline experiences. Consumers find, buy, use, judge, and turn down products and services that meet their needs.

Now, luxury brands can customize the online experiences of their customers across platforms. Sales of expensive goods and services on online marketplaces went up by 12–23% from one year to the next. consumer spending habits. price sensitivity during festival. festive seasons marketing strategies.


Many countries value festive seasons marketing strategies gatherings. India’s holidays make people feel a lot of things. What they buy depends on what happens. Since people in the north spend more during the event, businesses should highlight rewards. Now, people shop in a different way.

Companies must do appropriate research to understand and benefit from customer behavior. consumer spending habits in festival service is recommended.
consumer spending habits.

Retailers should prioritize sales and marketing over the holidays. To compete and generate money, companies scramble to discover more offers and deals this time of year. Consumers search, buy, use, assess, and reject products that meet their needs. Consumer Buying Behavior During Festival shopping trends Seasons in Vadodara.

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