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Brand Equity How Merchandising Helps in Building

Brand Equity How Merchandising Helps in Building


A positive brand equity enables a firm to charge a higher price for a product than its rivals, even if the company still only paid the same amount to acquire it. This results in a rise in the profit margin per client. Because customers are drawn to purchases of goods with solid reputations, the level of a company’s brand equity has a direct bearing on the amount of its sales. Download merchandise strategy in brand equity project .

When consumers associate a certain degree of quality or prestige with a brand, they see the items produced by that brand as having more value than those produced by rivals, and as a result, they are prepared to pay a higher price for those things. In practice, the market is willing to pay much higher prices for brands that have high amounts of brand equity.

It is not the case, at least not to a substantial degree, that the price of producing a golf shirt and getting it to market is much greater for Lacoste than it is for a less recognized brand. However, given that its clients are prepared to pay a higher price, the company is in a position to charge a greater price for that garment, with the additional revenue going toward profit.


  1. Merchandise is used by a lot of businesses in order to advertise their brands and attract consumers to those brands.
  2. The goal is to increase revenue by increasing the number of clients that a certain brand brings in for a particular company.
  3. All of the companies who want to remain competitive in the industry for an extended period of time prioritize the creation of a unique brand identity by using a specific logo and many other essential branded materials.
  4. The first reason why businesses promote themselves with high-quality items is because of this factor.
  5. There is no such thing as a successful brand in the industry that does not own either a logo or a brand identity.


Visual merchandising is a retail technique that aims to enhance sales by making the most of a product’s visual qualities in order to attract more customers. The appearance, atmosphere, and even the culture of a brand may all be influenced via visual marketing.

If done correctly, it has the potential to build brand recognition while simultaneously strengthening customer loyalty. The visual quality of your shop display may, first and foremost, entice visitors to come in and, second, convince them to make a purchase from you.


By incorporating themes into their presentations, companies may improve the effectiveness of their visual merchandising tactics. Themes provide a narrative and generate consumer buy-in by providing context. In most cases, they come together with the introduction of a new product.

Most crucially, themes make it possible for a brand to rebrand itself with fresh hues, layouts, fonts, design, photos, and photographs in conjunction with the introduction of a new product. Ideas for themes might include everything from complementing colors to grouping things to unique motifs and anything in between.

The possibilities are endless. When it comes to themes, there are no hard and fast rules, but it is important to take into account the shop, the time of year, any new products, the general look and feel of the brand, and how the theme will connect to any in-store promotions that are happening at the time.

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