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Brand Equity Analysis in Telecommunication Industry

Brand Equity Analysis in Telecommunication Industry


The term “brand equity” refers to the part of a product that is concerned with the brand. It is the intangible and indispensable belongings of a company that are gained via the attitudes and behaviors of the consumers who buy their products. A name, word, sign, symbol, design, or indicator jumble is what we mean when we talk about a brand. Download brand equity analysis in telecommunication industry project.

Because of its potential to generate value for both consumers and the firm, brand equity is an essential concept in marketing. It is through the cultivation of brand equity that marketers may obtain a competitive edge over other businesses in their industry. Because of the cutthroat nature of the rivalry in today’s business environment, companies are required to develop and implement competitive strategies in order to differentiate their offerings from those of their rivals and achieve commercial success.

To achieve success in the marketplace, one has to have access to effective methods for attracting, retaining, and expanding the amount of loyalty shown by customers. Companies make use of brand equity in order to establish a unique purpose of grabbing the attention of their customers by concentrating on any physical features or unphysical qualities.


  1. The links between the perceived advantages and perceived costs that consumers attach to a product may be helped along by the development of brand equity.
  2. As a direct consequence of this, the pricing of Hermès products is never called into doubt. When consumers see the brand, they automatically believe that the product must be of high quality.
  3. Businesses are able to make use of more modern communication techniques for their staff as well as their consumers thanks to advancements in telecommunication.
  4. Your company has the infrastructure and equipment essential for digital data transmission thanks to the use of telecommunication services.


After a company’s clientele, its brand is often regarded as the company’s second most valuable asset. Strong brands are the product of well-executed advertising and promotional campaigns. When individuals are exposed to a product via advertising, they become aware of it. If consumers are familiar with a certain brand, there is a greater likelihood that they will choose that brand when making a purchase. After making a purchase, the consumer evaluates the product’s quality in light of the judgments they have already formed on the brand’s reputation.

The quality of a brand is the conclusion of an assessment based on an examination of whether or not the brand achieved what it pledged. When consumers rate the quality of a product or service as being better, there is a greater likelihood that they will buy the same good or service again in the future. A bad impression will emerge among consumers if the product in question does not meet up to the standards set by the target audience. An impression is a comprehensive evaluation of a product.


The purpose of this research is to determine the correlation between customer-based brand equity and the success of telecommunications companies. The empirical evidence indicates that the value of a company’s brand may significantly affect its financial results. However, the intensity of the association varies between brand equity factors for instance, the perceived quality of a brand has the biggest influence on the success of businesses. Brand perception, counterintuitively, has the smallest effect on a company’s bottom line.

Companies in this industry need to make an additional effort to provide excellent service to its clients, but they also need to make sure that their advertising campaign conveys a positive image of the quality of those services. The mediating roles of gender, age, and education may be investigated further in forthcoming studies on brand equity.

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