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Brand Consumption Trend Of Alcoholic Products In Youth

Brand Consumption Trend Of Alcoholic Products In Youth


Branding of alcoholic beverages has an effect on the alcohol-related attitudes of young people, and there is a correlation between early identification of brands and an increased chance of utilizing certain brands throughout one’s life. Despite this, there is a dearth of research in the scientific literature that investigates the connection between the amount of exposure young people have to advertising for particular alcohol brands and the amount of consumption of those brands. Download alcoholic products brand use in youth project pdf.

Such research are impossible until we first determine the prevalence of alcohol brand consumption among young people under the age of 18. The ability to explore the link between the preferences of underage drinkers for certain brands and their exposure to advertising for those brands would constitute a substantial improvement in the research on alcohol marketing.


  1. The goal of these public service announcements is to discourage underage drinking.
  2. Reduction of dangerous alcohol use. Avoiding a condition of mental or physical dependence on alcohol.
  3. Consumption of alcohol, as a psychoactive drug with many physiological effects, is a crucial concept in the field of behavioural medicine.
  4. Advertising that portrays alcohol usage favorably may help foster and maintain positive views about the practice.


Understanding the prevalence of underage drinking and the role of alcohol advertising requires first gaining insight into the specific brands of alcohol that young people consume. In the first place, we could learn a lot more about what leads young people to start drinking if we knew how people drank different types of alcohol.

If we had statistics on how many of each brand people drank each month, we could determine how much alcohol people should be consuming on average. In particular, we would be able to list the specific brands of alcohol used by heavy drinkers and determine whether or not there is a correlation between drinking too much of a certain brand and problems associated with drinking, such as the development of an addiction.


There would be four major benefits to understanding the brand preferences of underage drinkers. The greatest evidence to date that advertising promotes teenage drinking comes from identifying the brands that are popular among young drinkers, which would enable researchers to evaluate the association between brand-specific advertising exposure and brand-specific alcohol use.

While previous research has shown that underage youth are exposed to a high volume and proportion of alcohol advertising for a variety of alcohol brands [8-10], we don’t know if this exposure is having an effect on youth alcohol consumption because we don’t know which brands they are actually drinking.

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