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A Study on Brand Awareness of Religare in the Indian Market

A Study on Brand Awareness of Religare in the Indian Market


In the past, a customer in a rural area had to go to a neighboring town or city to buy a branded product since the manufacturers of such brands gave priority to metropolitan markets. Large firms are now acknowledging the relevance of rural markets, however, as a result of the growing power of rural customers. Download project on Brand Awareness of Religare in the Indian Market .

The rural market for Religare in India is currently expanding rapidly due to factors such as the vastly increased purchasing power, rising brand awareness, an efficient media communication network, and changing customer demographics. Numerous studies have shown that the middle class in rural areas is not only richer but also growing more swiftly than the middle class in urban areas.

Another aspect speeding up this occurrence is the Religare infrastructure, which connects all four main metropolitan centers through hundreds of communities. This helps companies reach as many regional markets as possible, expand their Religare distribution network, and challenge the ubiquitous attitudes and practices of rural customers.


  1. Brand awareness is a crucial factor in determining customer behaviour, managing advertising, managing brands, and developing strategies.
  2. A consumer’s capacity to identify or remember a brand is crucial to their choice to make a purchase.
  3. A customer cannot make a purchase without first being aware of a product category and a brand within that category.
  4. Although the buyer must be able to recollect enough distinctive qualities in order to make a purchase, awareness does not necessarily imply that they must be able to recall a particular brand name.


Creating a name for yourself in the minds of potential clients is the first stage in the marketing process and lays the groundwork for success. Brand awareness is the degree to which your target audience is familiar with and able to identify your company name.

Boosting brand recognition is crucial for a variety of reasons. Growing familiarity with your brand might tip the scales in your favor in any online debates. Use brand-awareness efforts to dispel consumer doubts about your product or service by disseminating corporate updates, positive feedback from customers, and other training tools.


One of the most important things a business can do to advertise its wares is raise its customers’ brand awareness, which is defined as the percentage of people who are aware of the existence and availability of the business’s products or services. Brand recognition and recall efficiency are the two components that make up brand awareness.

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