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A Study on Consumer Perception on UPI

 Exploring Consumer Attitudes Towards UPI

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which has become a game-changing payment system in this digital age, has completely changed how people in India do business financially with each other. The needs of UPI technology study is  to find benefits of UPI out what makes people accept and use UPI and what public view point on UPI think are the pros and cons of using it. Consumer perception of UPI, also known as the Unified Payments Interface, reflects user sentiment and the public view point.

This makes it possible to get a lot of useful information about people. The study also looks at how people’s age, income, and level of schooling affect the way they think and act.

The results of this study are important for people who make decisions in government, banking institutions, and groups that offer UPI services. The information could help them learn more about what customers want and what worries them.

Keywords: Unified Payments Interface (UPI), digital payments, customer image, acceptance, use, ease, security, reliability.


Digital payment methods have changed both work and home life over the past few years. The needs of UPI technology has become very important in India. People who use UPI can do business on their phones fast and safely.

This needs of UPI technology study looks at how people feel about UPI and what makes them decide to use it. Researchers may be able to learn more about customer experiences and what drives them by using both qualitative interviews and quantitative polls.


  • The goal of this study is to find out what factors affect customers willingness to use and accept UPI.
  • These factors include how easy it seems to use, how convenient it is, how safe and reliable it seems, and how well people know it.
  • To find out what customers think are the benefits of UPI, such as more speed, faster deals, less reliance on cash, and the ability to pay whenever and wherever they want.

    Literature Review

People say that the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has changed how business is done in India. Digital payment systems are interested in the UPI.

A lot of research has been done on UPI’s perks. Research shows that transactions are simple and quick. With UPI, you can pay with your phone without using cash or cards. Consumer Perception on UPI, user sentiment on UPI also lets institutions and payment apps work together.

A study found that how people feel about UPI is very important to how well it is used. By looking at Consumer Perception on UPI ,demographics, acceptance, perceived benefits, and hurdles, stakeholders can improve UPI’s design, usefulness, and user experience.


The Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which has been said to have changed the way business is done in India, is of interest to digital payment systems.

because it was safe and easy to use.  The public view point on UPI study found that trust, dependability, and good word-of-mouth also affect how many user sentiment on UPI.

Customer impression is crucial to UPI acceptability, according to study. Stakeholders may utilize demographics, acceptability, perceived benefits, and hurdles to improve UPI’s design, functioning, and user experience.

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