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Wage and Incentive Aspects of Employment

Wage and Incentive Aspects of Employment


Compensation that is directly proportional to a worker’s performance is called a wage incentive, and it serves to boost morale and output. Motivating people to go above and beyond via the use of financial incentives. Download project report on compensation and benefits.

When an employee achieves a certain degree of success, they are eligible for higher wages under an incentive salary plan. Incentives like this are meant to encourage workers to improve their productivity and effectiveness while they carry out their jobs.

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  1. Both employees and management should benefit from the incentive program.
  2. In theory, more output means less money spent on manufacturing.
  3. This system is meant to boost employee morale by compensating them fairly for their efforts.
  4. Wage incentive is a sort of performance-based pay given to employees in order to boost morale and output.
  5. Paying workers more than they are worth in order to get them to go above and beyond is an example of this.


An incentive may be anything of value, or any action or result that the employee would want to see as a result of meeting the employer’s incentive. Different types of incentives that may be employed in the workplace. Incentive pay refers to monetary compensation given to workers above their base salary or income.

Paying workers with incentives to perform harder or reach certain targets is a common practice. It may be distributed as a straight lump sum, split across team members, or based on a percentage of the company’s profits.


In conclusion, there are numerous benefits for both companies and workers from offering incentives and prizes in the workplace. Once these two are implemented, workers have high motivation, are content with their jobs, and are actively contributing to the company’s growth. In this way, the incentives and rewards in the workplace contribute to an atmosphere that is productive and rewarding for both employees and management.

When it comes to the success of a business, most leaders and managers would agree that productive and motivated workers are crucial. As a result, the subject of how to inspire the workforce has emerged as a central one.

Bonuses are one of the most successful methods to motivate employees, and they may be distributed in two ways either as an individual’s incentive based on their performance over time or as a company-wide incentive similar to a profit share.

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