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Temperature detection and response system using IOT project (based on covid issues)

Study of Temperature detection and response system

Those who are suffering with the sickness that is now being spread by the COVID-19 epidemic may find that health monitoring devices. This system is a real-time health monitoring system that makes use of the measured values of the patient’s body temperature, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation. In this paper we have done a study of temperature detection and response system using IOT project based on covid issues.

The outcomes of this study had a significant impact on the planning and execution of the development of the system. As a result of this line of research, an Internet of Things system has been made that uses these measures. This is because these are the numbers that are thought to be the most important for urgent care.

In this research, we investigate the process of designing a system that makes use of the internet of things to automate the process of determining the heat of a person’s body. More specifically, we investigate the many ways in which such a system may be built. This strategy would reduce expenses while simultaneously increasing production to a greater degree. This system may be employed in the majority of the locations where temperature checks are to be performed, and it can do so while still making use of the manual check-up equipment, which helps to simplify the process of carrying out temperature checks.

Keywords: Temperature, IOT, Covid, Hospitals, Health monitoring, Smart healthcare


There was neither a known treatment nor a vaccination available at the time. Because of this, the only method to prevent the spread of the illness was to quarantine oneself and avoid contact with other people. This article discusses a possible medical application of the Internet of Things (IoT). Monitoring of distances in relation to the pandemic. The Internet of Things node tracks blood oxygen saturation, cough rate, and breathing rate. The application warns users to keep a two-meter distance from others to prevent virus transmission.

An automated health monitoring system will be created to reply or notify if the patient’s condition worsens. The microcontroller analyzes the data and sends emails and tweets to be concerned parties including medical doctors. It also stores patient diagnostic data. An online portal informs doctors and other medical professionals of the patient’s true condition so they may choose the best treatment. The temperature detection and response system is a smart patient health monitoring system measures room temperature, humidity, and heart rate via sensors.


  • The production of a device that is able to contribute to the process of aiding in the monitoring of the health of a patient.
  • To carry out remote monitoring of the patient’s vital signs as well as other data pertaining to their health.
  • To reduce morbidity and mortality, control transmission, and monitor the epidemic and virus.


Until there is a treatment available, isolating individual is the most effective way to prevent the spread of sickness. Whether one interprets the message to be literal or metaphorical depending on their perspective. This sentence might be taken to mean either something literal or something metaphorical, depending on how you interpret it. If there is an increase in the quality of monitoring, treatment, and transportation, infectious illnesses will be less likely to spread.

An Internet of Things (IoT) temperature detection and response system based on covid, in medicine usually includes a server and many sensors. This setup makes it possible to conduct surveillance in real time on a place or the people who inhabit it. In a pandemic, AI-supported sensors can analyze blood oxygen levels, coughing patterns, and body temperature to determine whether someone is sick.

Public health specialists may benefit from monitoring distances between people during an infectious disease pandemic. We are able to determine the distances between individuals in public places thanks to Bluetooth. This information might notify everyone within a certain distance, such as two meters, to prevent the infection from spreading.


The rapid dissemination of the coronavirus, which is responsible for the respiratory illness, is to blame. This one-of-a-kind coronavirus has had big effects on public health, human society, and the world economy, and those effects are likely to keep going. Special coronaviruses produced this. Few individuals are immunized, and few treatments can assist. This was part of the Pandemic lessons.

Results of the study

The information was useful right away. They realized the significance of this lesson after being exposed to the disease. The IoT platform has sensors everywhere and constant connections. This makes sense of things. Through the Internet of Things, we can use “smart” technology every day.



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