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A Study on Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI

What is the role of FDI in the growth of economic development of the country

Foreign direct investment (FDI) makes more work because foreign companies hire people from developing countries. Without this support, many poor countries wouldn’t have had these jobs. economic growth or development of low-income nations or countries through FDI and its impact on economies in MBA project reports on FDI.

The link between FDI and EG has been studied a lot. In 1992, the first FDI-EG study paper to be listed on Web of Science came out.

This study uses bibliometrics to look at FDI-EG research from many different points of view. After using the Bibliometric tool to look at 1,075 FDI-EG study papers, the researchers looked at the research methods.

Bibliometric showed FDI-EG’s primary experts, conceptual structure, and themes.

Reviewing relevant literature helps with content analysis, analysis of important papers, co-authorship, and reference and co-citation analysis.

The most important study, magazine, and country, according to the numbers, are International Economics and the US, in that order. The FDI-EG looks at how changes in technology affect business success, as well as research models and theories.

There is a focus on current study, upcoming research, and the pros and cons of a method.
This page helps you understand how FDI-EG study has changed over time from the point of view of bibliometrics and reviews.

Keywords:  Foreign direct investment, economic expansion, bibliometric research and Bibliometric.

Introduction to Economic development in low-income nations via FDI:

Foreign Direct Investments

FDI, or “foreign direct investment,” is an investment made by a foreign corporation or person to start a business in a different country. The total amount invested in such a venture is referred to as “FDI.”

India is a top investment destination due to its fast-growing economy. It is one of the top 10 most appealing sites for foreign direct investments, according to a recent ranking.

Economic Growth

Economic growth occurs when an economy produces more goods and services. An increase in capital goods output, technology, labor force, and human capital may boost economic growth. economic growth or development of low-income nations or countries through FDI and its impact on economies in MBA project reports on FDI.

Indeed, it is a significant indication of the state of the economy as a whole. There is a clear and positive association between economic growth and foreign direct investments (FDIs) as well as the real effective exchange rate.

Gross Domestic Product

A nation’s GDP is the value of all its finished goods and services during a certain time period. Private and public consumption, government expenditures, investments, paid-in construction costs, private inventories, and exports minus imports comprise GDP.

Companies may use GDP to guide their strategy since it shows the economy’s status and growth rate. Additionally, investors pay attention to GDP since it serves as a foundation for making decisions about investments.

Objectives on FDI’s impact on the growth of economies:

  • To look into the way that foreign direct investment (FDI) works.
  • To find out how foreign direct investment (FDI) affects economic growth by looking at GDP figures.
  • To make it easy for businesses to run and make more jobs available.
  • To get more money from other countries to spend in the country.
  • To find how Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI happens.

Literature review:

Author utilized panel data to examine the influence of foreign direct investment (FDI) on economic growth in nine West African states between 1995 and 2015. The research spans 1995–2015.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is statistically significant and boosts West African economies. Foreign direct investment (FDI) needs government support to increase productivity and reduce its negative impact on West African GDP.

“Does Foreign Direct Investment Accelerate Vietnamese Economic Growth? – A Simultaneous Equations Approach” evaluated FDI’s influence on Vietnam’s economic development from 2010 to 2014.

This research focuses on post-global financial crisis. It also compares the foreign direct investment (FDI) growth nexus before and after the crisis. Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI

Other studies are:

In order to avoid endogeneity bias, we re-estimate our model with simultaneous equations and the two-step system generalized method of moment (GMM) estimator. Endogeneity bias was taken into account. To improve our previous work, we re-estimated the model using sample data from 1999–2006, before the crisis.

Next, we run our regressions again on the whole sample and add the crisis dummy factors to account for the expected effects of the crisis. This shows how the crisis affects foreign direct investment and the growth of the economy.


The 1,075-publication bibliometric and review study analyzes foreign direct investment and economic development research from different perspectives and reveals the FDI-EG research’s most essential sections, conceptual structure, and topic growth.

Data demonstrates that FDI-EG research is a popular issue compared to other topics. These methods measure the past, present, and future of various items. Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI

This study adds to the growing amount of research on the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth. Income and institution quality affected FDI’s impact on economic development. This shows how much money people have. Previous research didn’t take this into account.

What is the relationship between FDI and economic growth of developing countries

FDI helps the economy grow by bringing in more capital and dealing with the conditions in the host country. Infrastructure growth is the way that foreign direct investment (FDI) has the most effect. When FDI gets to a certain level, it tends to crowd out local investment.

The conceptual structure map shows that FDI-EG study has been centered on technology and company success, research models, and theory inquiry. Bibliometric has also looked into which point has the most papers that contribute to the conversation.

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