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Study on Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI

How does FDI help the economy to grow

Foreign direct investment (FDI) only helps an economy grow if it has the ability to take in and use the new technologies that come with it. Over time, FDI moves into and out of countries with democratic political systems are more likely to be higher. mba report on Study on Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI. Progress of Underdeveloped Nations via FDI. FDI-led Growth in Economically Challenged Nations. FDI-driven economic growth in low-income countries.

Research on FDI-EG. 1992 FDI-EG study. This study uses bibliometrics to look into FDI-EG. The technique of 1,075 FDI-EG study articles was looked at using bibliometrics. The top researchers, conceptual framework, and topics of FDI-EG were found using bibliometrics. Relevant literature helps with co-authorship, citing, and analyzing co-citation. Then, Economics of the US and the World. The focus of FDI-EG is on technology, business success, study models, and theory analysis. Since 1991. “Economic growth” makes more things happen. GDP and CPI are ways to measure the economy. Research on FDI. A lot of info came from secondary sources. Regression factors. FDI makes growth faster.

Keywords: Foreign direct investment, the growth of the economy, study on bibliometrics, and Bibliometric.


Investing overseas

FDI, which stands for “foreign direct investment,” is when a foreign company or person invests in a foreign business. The overall amount of money put into a company like this is called “FDI.” India’s economy is growing quickly, which attracts investment. FDI 10. The New Economic Policy of 1991 made it easier for foreign investors. The government made investment areas bigger, put limits on some businesses, and made FDI rules easier to understand.

The economy grew.

The business gets a boost from goods and services. Growth in the economy may be helped by technology, labor, capital, and human capital. Business health. FDIs grow. Growth slows when the government spends money. The economy grows when goods and services are sold. GDP is a way to measure output. GDP contains private and public consumption, government spending, investments, paid-in building costs, private stocks, and foreign trade (exports minus imports). The GDP helps plan. GDP has an effect on investments.


  • The purpose of this study is to examine FDI (foreign direct investment) trends.
  • To use GDP statistics as a starting point for analyzing the impact of FDI on economic growth.
  • To reduce regulatory burdens on companies and stimulate economic growth.
    Increase the pace at which foreign investment is made in the country


Panel data studied how FDI affects economic growth in nine West African states from 1995 to 2015. 1995–2015 research. FDI boosts West African economies statistically. Government FDI enhances West Africa’s GDP and productivity. Progress of Underdeveloped Nations via FDI. “Does Foreign Direct Investment Accelerate Vietnamese Economic Growth? Simultaneous Equations Approach” investigated Vietnam’s 2010–2014 economy. Post-crisis research. Pre- and post-crisis FDI growth. FDI-driven economic growth in low-income countries.

Research shows that in 1990, foreign direct investment was the main source of money going to developing countries. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is different from other types of investment because it is less volatile and has an uneven pro-cyclical pattern. It is very important for less developed countries to support development and economic growth. Since the late 1980s and early 1990s, foreign direct investment (FDI) has been growing quickly almost everywhere in the world. Because of this problem, it’s important to talk about how study on the link between foreign direct investment and economic growth (FDI-EG) has changed over time.

Two-step system GMM estimator with simultaneous equations avoid endogeneity bias. Bias inside. Analysis enhanced using 1999–2006 pre-crisis sample data. Crisis dummy variable regressions predict crisis effect. The crisis affects foreign direct investment and economic development. Study on Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI.
Research reveals foreign direct investment fuel led 1990 development. Pro-cyclical FDI. 1980s and 1990s FDI soared. Check FDI-EG.


In conclusion, the 1,075-paper bibliometric and review study examines foreign direct investment and economic development research from many aspects and shows the FDI-EG research’s key sections, conceptual structure, and subject progress. FDI-EG and other methods assess commodity history, present, and future.
This research promotes FDI-economic growth. Institutions and wealth impact FDI growth. It’s income. Studies overlooked this. We track income and FDI in developing and industrialized nations. Income uniquely impacts institution quality. Institutions and FDI. Income ranks nations. mba report on Economic Growth of Low-Income Countries Through FDI.

Conceptual structure map shows FDI-EG technology, corporate performance, research modeling, and theoretical inquiry. Bibliometric found important themes. FDI-led Growth in Economically Challenged Nations.
This study forecasts hot topics and crucial dialogues about the present and future possibilities in light of the ever-changing environment and sustainable development strategy. Advanced methods will quantify and assess FDI-EG investigations.


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